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You are welcome to apply

This Message Will Self Destruct – Become a Xobba Writer – Doors open for Limited Time



The Xobba Tribune offers an author focused publishing platform.

The site is not bogged down with branding and advertising, it is designed to allow you to highlight YOUR content.

Revenue Opportunities exist with 75% t0 90% impression sharing to you under the included programs.

The site and its staff are devoted to help you learn the platform and to expand into your own ventures, one of our rewards is hosting of your own sites.

This is a hasty message and it will self destruct.

It is very clear that open publishing platforms are a dying model, apply now to join a closed, secretive yet helpful community.

We have the ability to geo-target your amazon  products so it will best match your viewers and your partners.

email to access this opportunity with the subject “titanic”


Look this Amazon element is impression share!



And this one will change to fit your viewers country if you wish








We will assist in the transfer of existing content from other publishing platforms and will help in any and all re-formatting.

This message will self destruct as will the offer

Its a good time to get in:


Our Authors are accepted into a growing network of site owners with expertise and properties in many arenas, you will also receive access to tools such as dedicated link shortener and tracker , image editing software and a dedicated advertising manager.

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  • Article by Josh Web

    avatar As an avid reader, newshound and life long learner, I appreciate having a place where I can share the great information I often unearth. I write tutorials about writing on the web at
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