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The UV Manicure Revolution Review - |

The UV Manicure Revolution Review

For the last 2 years nail salons have seen an increase in customers. Why are so many more women making the nail salon a priority in their lives?

The #1 reason is because of the new revolutionary Shellac Manicure. If you have not heard of it yet, then you are one of the few. In this article we are going to give you a complete review of this new nail product that most women are crazy over.
Shellac for nails was created 2 years ago by Creative Nail Designs. After its official launch around June of 2010 it became a success almost over night. In fact it became so popular that the company could not keep up with demand, causing customers to complain and get angry. However, this did not slow down the spread of this new nail product across the United States.

What Is Shellac?

Shellac is an Ultraviolet manicure that is applied by professional nail technicians. The application process is fairly simple but must be followed precisely or else it will not provide the promised results. Shellac’s promised results are by far the #1 reason why it is loved by so many women.

It promises at least 2 full weeks of wear without chipping, scratching, or smudging. If you are accustomed to regular manicures, then this promise sounds almost unreal and that is why so many have put Shellac to the test. Within this group of testers many news agencies throughout the United States have featured this product by testing it live. They have proven by video coverage that it truly does last for two weeks.
Although it has been proven to work many women are speaking out in frustration. They have claimed that their shellac manicures did not last for an entire 14 days.

Why Shellac Is Not Working For Some Women.

Here are the three main reasons why some women say Shellac does not last for 14 days.


  • First, Shellac has a simple application system that when followed results in a flawless 14 day manicure. When the system is not followed correctly the manicure does not last for 14 days. Some nail technicians are not follow the steps correctly and their clients are not seeing Shellac’s promised results.
  • Second, some nail technicians are mixing and matching UV manicure polish brands. This makes these manicures fall apart.
  • Third, the shortage in UV lamps from CND has led nail technicians to purchase many different types of UV lamps. Although some of these lamps work perfectly well for Shellac others do not cure the product correctly.

When it comes to reviewing this nail product there are 2 main conclusions. 

First, Shellac lasts for 14 days.

Second, Shellac does not last for 14 days when done incorrectly.

Make sure you find a salon or nail technician that really knows how to apply this product. If you do this, you will be sure to fall in love with these nails. But be warned that you may be visiting the nail salon two times a month to appease your new fashion addiction.



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