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Cast Iron Skillets

Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 3 Piece Skillet Set

Before about 2009 I was barely qualified to cook anything.  I was limited to things in a can I could transfer to a bowl and microwave, tv dinners, and the occasional and still risky venture, scrambled eggs and a pork chop.  Oh times have changed, and though I’m unlikely to replace Paula Deen and save the Food Network from the decline they decided to suffer for idiotic political pressures they chose to cave to, I can cook a little bit.  Almost everything I cook is in a skillet.

Lodge LCS3 Chef’s Skillet, 10-inch

Women all love a man with a big ten inch.  A ten inch cast iron skillet, I mean, and like the one pictured above.  No, I don’t have a ten inch one of those either.  In fact, I don’t have a cast iron skillet at all.  I want one.  I’m told I need one.  I WILL get one.

Lodge L8SGP3 Pre-Seasoned Square Grill Pan, 10.5-inch

Why do I need a cast iron skillet?  Well, I’m a skillet chef; I’m using the word “chef” rather loosely; but I enjoy cooking, and I know what I like.  Oh I like a good meal prepared by someone else from time to time; most everyone does.  A different cook can surprise the mouth and the taste buds with unexpected culinary delights.  I’m told all the best skillet chefs use cast iron skillets; which in turn create connoisseurs who become skillet lickers for wonderful flavors these things help to produce.

Lodge LCC3 Pre-Seasoned Combo Cooker, 10.25-inch

This year my mother is thinking she may just get everyone a cast iron skillet.  I can only hope my mother is including ME on the list she’s got in mind when she uses such words as “everyone.”  I’ve got skillets, four of them, none of them are cast iron; all of mine are cheap Teflon lined no-stick skillets.  There were fears in the past, and probably still here in the present concerning Teflon lined skillets; but I use mine daily, and I’m in damned good shape, I reckon.  I think the fear of poisoning from Teflon is bogus, but then again I’ve not looked into it so deeply.  I want to get a cast iron skillet, and just be done with the thing.  All cast iron skillets are non-stick skillets.  Oh it’s rumored that nutrients leach into and out of the cast iron skillets into the food; it’s a pleasant rumor.  Because a cast iron skillet can get uniformly hot, and has none of the “hot spots” that lesser skillets sometimes have, many a problem is therein averted, and besides that, a cast iron one can become very hot uniformly; one can think of it as a grill.

Oh the tales go on and on about a man who used to so love his grandmother’s cooking.  All these tales involve cast iron skillets.  These legendary and timeless, tireless kitchen utensil basics have stood all tests of time; and if you want future generations to look back on the meals you yourself provided with a fondness and the stories that come with it about how great uncle so and so’s cooking was; you best get yourself a cast iron skillet.  Many a meal’s flavor and seasoning soak into the iron of these timeless things; that’s how it works.  With the Teflon lined skillet, this happens not at all.

Sometimes newer technology isn’t better technology.  This is the case with the great cast iron skillet.  These things are and will forever be culinary legends, and if you want to be one yourself, you’ll get one to replace your ugly and crummy non-legendary Teflon thing.


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