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What are Glitz Pageants? - |

What are Glitz Pageants?

Glitz Pageants

Glitz Pageants

There are several different types of beauty pageants, and glitz pageants are the most popular. In a glitz pageant, anything goes. Contestants are allowed and expected to wear pageant hair, flippers, and makeup. Most girls also get a manicure and a spray tan for the event.

The most outstanding aspect of glitz pageants is the glitz pageant dress. Glitzy pageant dresses are flashy, elaborate dresses or gowns that are adorned with rhinestones. Little girls wear short dresses, older girls wear ball gowns, and teens wear long gowns in several styles.

Another big part of glitz pageants is pageant coaching. The girls don’t just stroll casually across the stage. They have to know how to walk, how to turn, how to pose, and how to maintain a natural-looking smile.

Competing successfully in glitz pageants is expensive, but the rewards can be great. Contestants can win some great prizes, including trips, luggage, furniture, electronics, apparel, savings bonds, and thousands of dollars.

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