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Decorating for Tranquility - Color Palette and Decor - |

Decorating for Tranquility – Color Palette and Decor

When decorating for tranquility is your goal, choosing the right color palette is crucial. Believe it or not, certain colors affect your mood as well as those who share your space or even stop by for a quick visit. So, which colors are viewed as cool, tranquil and calming? Lighter shades of green, blue, violet, gray and even beige are all ideal, especially when combined with neutral decor.

If you’re not ready for too much of a commitment to a cool color, try just paining one wall and see how you enjoy the difference. You will likely discover that these cooler shades instantly promote a peaceful environment in your space to calm the mind.

Adding Furniture and Décor

Choose furniture that will play off the shades on your walls. Creamy-colored wood furniture, bamboo and soft-colored linens are perfect. You can introduce a few shades to your color palette but to keep the tranquility of the room, you don’t want too many colors that will quickly look busy. It is also a good idea to use every color at least three times, which really isn’t too difficult to do.

Although you want to keep things simple when creating a peaceful home, don’t be afraid to add a few patterns or texture. Decorative pillows are a great way to bring in a hint of color while large wall water fountains will add texture and give your room a focal point that is soothing.

It’s also a good idea to evaluate your lighting. Lamps, wall scones, track lighting and pendants are excellent solutions for replacing harsh overhead lights that are typically not flattering at all, nor do they promote tranquility. Lastly, don’t forget a few plants, every space can benefit from the energy and life that lush greenery provides.



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