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Self Tanning Lotions and Sprays – What Really Works Best |

Self Tanning Lotions and Sprays – What Really Works Best

Many people opt for a sunless tan and today’s market offers many great products.  Being a redhead I have often chose to use sunless tanning lotions and sprays or air brush tanning kits.  I have even used the tanning gloves.  Don’t know what tanning gloves are, well there these fuzzy pre-soaked gloves for a one time use.  The purpose is for a convenient even application assuring the best appearance.  These are great for travel as they pack really well and are convenient for vacations.  I always get more than one use and are great for touch ups on the go.  Just be careful to replace the gloves in an airtight ziploc bag after your done.

You no doubt enjoy time in the sun but for many it’s time-consuming to get a great tan.  I do get my 20 minutes of unprotected exposure everyday for its healthful benefits and yet I supplement my glow with sunless tanning products.  These products make for a great dependable look.

Tips for Using Sunless Tanners

Note: No matter what product you choose be careful to apply it evenly all over your skin, even the sprays as they may run leaving lines or speckles.  Note: Be sure to book mark this page for safe keeping!

Exfoliate your skin well because after a long dry winter the skin packs on a lot of dead skin cells which are the reason for ugly and uneven sunless tans.   Before you begin put your body through a regular skin resurfacing.

I like to use a good exfoliation shower mitt or glove to keep up a healthy and supple glow.  Make exfoliation a regular practice leaves you skin on the ready for sunless lotion application any time.

Moisturize your skin to end dry areas and patches which creates those dark orange splotches from the sunless lotions being trapped in those areas and more quickly absorbed.

Also be careful to moisturize your hands well around the dry areas and the palms as the exposure time during application can penetrate your hands giving you that ugly hand give away.   Condition your hands with a good lotion to avoid this.

Drying time is vital. Anytime you apply sunless tanners it’s very important to allow for the lotion or spray to dry evenly. If you move around bending and the like you’re going to get creases and lines. I start with the bottom of my legs and work my way up.

Swim Suit Prep is a useful tool;  I wear the oldest and skimpier string bikini I have to apply the tanning product. I apply it, rinse my hands and walk like a scarecrow out on my deck for a quicker drying time.

  • I spend the time standing still on my deck and looking around at the birds and such to distract me from the drying time.
  • You may also arrange to spend time out side for an hour or longer after drying to insure the best results. After this time I take a shower and apply moisturizer.
  • You can leave it on longer and forget about it, but be warned don’t plan anything important without showering. Okay now that’s the 411 on sunless tanning lotions.
  • The scent of cheaper sunless tanning products becomes unpleasant a few hours after application.  If you find this happening try a new product, such as air brushing and the lotions highlighted at the end of this article.  Plus you’ll save a ton of money on those harmful  tanning beds, plus the look is far superior!

Enjoy your beautiful glow!




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