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Making your loft liveable in again |

Making your loft liveable in again

I have two sisters, both of which I used to share a room with (which we called ‘the nursery’) in my old family home. When I was about six and my sisters eight and ten, my parents finally decided that enough was enough. They were sick of us arguing all the time and, come hell or high water, they were going to find enough space in the house for each of us to have our own rooms.

My eldest sister, naturally, got the nursery, which happens to be the biggest bedroom in the house, bigger even than my parents’ room in the attic. My other sister, the middle child, got the guest bedroom, which they later did some demolition and rebuilding on to make bigger, so it’s in a funny fat ‘L’ shape. And where did I go? The loft, that’s where.

Now, that might sound like the coolest room of all – when I was that age I certainly thought so. It took three years to actually convert it into a room – it had no floors and no proper walls as a loft, and the ceiling was sloped at a right angle, but I could just stand up straight in the tallest part of it. Sounds like a strange idea for a bedroom? It was.

By the time I actually got into my bedroom I’d grown another couple of inches though, so I ended up having to crawl everywhere. I had miniature furniture as well – my desk had the legs cut off and I used a beanbag as a chair, and my bed was essentially a mattress on the floor with a piece of wood holding it in. It all sounds pretty horrific, especially when you consider that there was no door and you accessed it via a vertical ladder. I can tell you straight off that I was quickly given a dressing room elsewhere, since getting up a ladder in a towel is like some kind of Crystal Maze puzzle.

When I moved to university and experienced a ‘real’ room for the first time in 16 years, I was consumed with hate every time I went home and had to sleep in that room. And, typically, as soon as I moved out properly my parents decided to get the roof raised and converted it into a guest bedroom (although what guest is going to want to brave that ladder I’ll never know).

The fact is though, getting a loft converted isn’t actually that expensive, it’s just that my parents convinced themselves they wouldn’t be able to afford it and only looked into it once all their kids had moved out and they saw that they had some spare cash floating around. You don’t have to spend loads on it, and you can convert your loft to give you as much space as you need. So, let me give you a word of advice – if you’re thinking about moving your child up into an un-converted loft, don’t even think about it until you’ve requested a loft conversion quote. Trust me, your child will thank you for it.

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