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All Things Hodor

Has anyone in the history of literature created a more intriguing character than Hodor, first of of his Hodor, from house Hodor?  I mean let’s face it, a man such as Hodor doesn’t come around too often.  Very few of us have ever witnessed a Hodor of any sort.  Hodor is a man after his own fashion.  He’s a self made Hodor.  Hallowed be thy Hodor.

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Now I’m not saying Hodor, King of Hodor, first Hodor of his Hodor, long may he Hodor, is the greatest character in Game Of thrones.   That, he is not, but he is the only Hodor, in fact, there has never in the history of fantasy fiction been another Hodor, and long may we Hodor before we Hodor another.  He’s just that awesome, that distinct, that original, is all I’m saying.



In A Song Of Ice and Fire, or Game Of Thrones, if you will.  The continents of Westeros and Essos are seemingly filled to the brim with persons with no sort of love for anything but gold and power.  There are persons with such unabashed and unmitigated cruelty most of us can scarcely conceive of them as realistic, and then there is Hodor.  Hodor has no cruelty within him.  Hodor is very happy to do whatever is asked of him, and he’s fortunate to have landed among the exact folks who treat him well, and never ask anything untoward of him


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Hodor is a simpleton with a very gentle spirit.  He’s over seven feet tall, and is possibly related to the giants who live North of the great wall.  As it turns out, Hodor’s name isn’t “Hodor,” it’s only a nonsensical word, the only word he can say, despite having the ability to comprehend some complex instructions.  Hodor, however, is exceedingly simple and forgetful, but has a never endingly kind heart, and willingness to please.  He has no real lusts or desires of his own outside of pleasing the Stark family, and their associates.

Why do we all love Hodor so very much?  We NEED Hodor.  In a created mythological world where almost every character is vastly complex, and various percentages of both terrible evil, and noble good, Hodor stands nearly alone to show us how he’s none of that, and yet human just the same.  Hodor has no detectable evil in action or intent, he’s only flawed in that he doesn’t always understand the direness of a situation.

As Brandon Stark’s only means of transportation, Hodor is absolutely going to be seen in the fourth season of Game of Thrones. Irish actor Kristian Nairn plays the part wonderfully, and if you are somewhat privy to the plot as it develops from either the books or the loads of info available online, you can hope as I do for a bit more Hodor this April than we’ve seen over the previous three seasons.  Brace Yourselves!  Hodor is coming!



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