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How To Draw Demon Creature Drawing Video Tutorial |

How To Draw Demon: Goat Demon Drawing Video Tutorial

How To Draw Demon

How to draw a Goat Demon Drawing Tutorial and how to progress from one pencil sketch idea to the inked version and then the final colored drawing using simple felt tip pens, in this case the Crayola Supertips were used to color the Goat Demon, when starting to draw any monster or creature design the sketching of the whole structure is as important for a more finished piece of art.

how to draw demons
The Complete Demonic Goat Creature Design

Demons can be drawn any way that you like, but when following a set way of drawing like basing your Demon on an animal the idea is to either draw a direct influence from a real Goat or take elements from that animal and loosely include them in your drawing or design.

I chose the latter method as I didn’t want to get too bogged down and frustrated with trying to draw the specific elements of a real Goat,as I just wanted to try and sketch in the rough basics with a bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure.

Video 1 – The Pencil Sketch
When attempting to sketch something from scratch there are a few things to try and remember before you start and that’s to have an idea what you want your Demonic Creature to look like, maybe plan your drawing on a some cheap printing paper with a few draft sketches to help you get a sense of what your creature is all about. I didn’t do this, but I draw demons every week so that’s how I can see to draw this stuff on autopilot at times.
Once you have the pencil sketch drawn on paper you can then think about inking the pencil lines and the whole drawing. (Click the link below to watch the first drawing stage video!)

Video 2 - Ink The Full Drawing

When it comes to the inking portion of the drawing tutorial it is good that you use ink pens that you are comfortable with and the best ones to recommend are gel ink pens or the free flowing ink pens called uni-ball ink pens or at the very least a sharpie marker pen if you can use it for fine line ink work on an angle like the professional comic book artists.

Try and vary the ink lines with weight on the obvious places like defining muscle mass and form areas like arms and torso. (Click the link below to watch the second step which shows you the inking process!)

Ink A Demon Goat Drawing Video 2

Video 3 Coloring The Inked Drawing

Adding color is the fun part, now that you have the inked drawing and all of the pencil lines erased you can start to color in the creature drawing. I used Crayola Supertips for the coloring process, but you can use any felt tips that you are comfortable with, but the Crayola ones are great for blending and creating a nice professional color scheme.

(Click the link below to see the coloring process video with art markers!)

Color A Goat Demon Drawing Video 3

Wayne Tully currently has his own website which you can subscribe to and learn from more drawing video tutorials to draw from your imagination and to draw fantasy art stuff too – Draw From Your Imagination

Books for further reading on the subject of drawing fantasy creatures.

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