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Who are the current trendsetters in women’s fashion? - |

Who are the current trendsetters in women’s fashion?

There are so many different types of fashion that it’s pretty difficult to pin point one or two trendsetters – trying to find the definition of ladies fashion online is simply an impossible task as there is so much variance and disagreement on the subject. From those with a quirky sense of fashion, to the more mainstream, to the classic dressers, with high fashion versus high street, there are so many options.

My personal fashion icon has to be Fearne Cotton – her varying styles of clothing for the different events she attends make me green with fashion envy.

She can rock anything from jeans and a baggy t-shirt to a dress for the red carpet and now even designs her own fashion collection. Fearne always manages to put her own unique twist on an outfit (I’m also a bit jealous of her amazing job)

Alexa Chung is always dressed well and is another one of the causes of my fashion envy. She always manages to dress well and different to everyone else, often accessorising with simple fashions such as knitted dresses. She leads the fashion pack with her quirky style. Alexa really has made it in the style world. I mean come on, Mulberry even named a bag after her. A bag I will own one day (a girl can dream)

I’ve always been a fan of Gossip Girl and the cast have one of the best wardrobes in TV, in particular Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. The show provides us with a weekly influx of high fashion on our TV screens; however these are more high fashion pieces so us mere mortals have to try to recreate the look on the high street.

We have witnessed Victoria Beckham’s transformation from Spice Girl to solo artist (the less said about that the better) to her making a real stamp on the fashion world. She was under a massive amount of pressure to succeed and she has shown all of her critics she knows what she is doing and means business. Not only is she always dressed impeccably but with her own fashion line she is helping others to dress as well as her! I can’t wait to see more of baby Harpers outfits and style as she grows up and learns from Mum.

Kate Middleton has proved herself to be a huge fashion icon. She has managed to cause sell outs in a number of shops by simply wearing one of its items for an event. Princess Catherine has become a world known name and icon and with this has inherited a massive pressure to always look good. So far she has succeeded in the style stakes. From the gorgeous wedding dress she chose to her everyday clothes she never gets caught out in a bad outfit.

Nicki Minaj is one of the most controversial dressers (after Lady Gaga) the fashion world has seen in a long time. Some of her clothes are more wearable than Gaga’s (who we’ll get to shortly). Inspiration can be taken from Minaj’s style and incorporated in everyday wear such as colour blocking.

There is of course also Lady Gaga who has probably one of the biggest wardrobes of all time – well it has to be to contain that egg (sorry ‘vessel’) she wore last year. Despite not being able to go without mentioning her I wouldn’t really class her as a fashion trendsetter as a dress of meat or an outfit of Kermits aren’t really a feasible wardrobe staple of everyday life and are unlikely to catch on…

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