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Vintage Bead Elements are In for One of a Kind Jewelry Design |

Vintage Bead Elements are In for One of a Kind Jewelry Design

Everything Old is New Again in Jewelry Design

Most fashion elements revolve in an unscheduled motion, and that is true of jewelry design as well.  This year, vintage fashion is hot, and that means that jewelry designers will be using vintage and antique beads, and other elements when making up their most fashionable jewelry designs.

One of the most enduring elements in any jewelry designer’s back pocket is using Swarovski Crystal beads in their designs.  Swarovski adds sparkle to any jewelry design, yet the beads are extremely fashionable when used correctly.  In addition, Swarovski is the best of the best when it comes to crystal. If you want to add light to a design, Swarovski beads make an excellent choice.

Vintage Swarovski Crystal beads can add a unique one of a kind element to any jewelry design, because Swarovski retires styles, and that makes them rare.   What often gets retired are unpopular or hard to manufacture shapes, and colors, and these may be the most interesting beads that Swarovski Crystal makes.  Therefore, it is a good practice for jewelry designers to incorporate vintage beads into their one of a kind jewelry designs.

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    avatar Paula Atwell (aka lakeerieartists), the owner of a small local gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery, in Cleveland, Ohio, is an artist, author, and a lover of all things vintage. You can follow Paula on Twitter.
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