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Some Quick Links and Tips for Amazon Kindle Publishing - |

Some Quick Links and Tips for Amazon Kindle Publishing

Useful Tips and Resources for Kindle Publishing


I just recently published my first ebook on Kindle. It was a short story that I had collecting dust archived in my email drafts. It wasnt adsense safe and I had no real plans for it as far as pursuing traditional publication.How to publish on amazon kindle
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The Kindle and e-reader revolution is opening up a huge opportunity for “writers” who aren’t interested in attempting to play the “google game.”

I don’t feel Kindle publishing (and related ereaders) should replace traditional attempts to find publishers using resources such as The Writers Market, but it is  a great secondary opportunity with a limited barriers to entry.


So I still have a dozen tabs open and I figured I could dump the resources here for any who may stumble along.


Amazon Kindle Publishing

Start there, It has a guided walkthrough for publishing your ebook, It really  has all you may need. But,if I consider that you may want to sell your book on multiple platforms and market it effectively, the following resources were helpful to me.


What Should I Price my Kindle book at? Amazon Kindle Pricing

You will have a spectrum of prices allowed for publishing your book in the Amazon Platform. Part of that pricing should take in account what your Royalty cut is! My marketplace allows for a 70% royalty rate, you can see the link above to find out your options.


How will my Kindle Book be Merchandised – Marketing Tip

Until, you build up some reviews or natural buzz based on the quality/entertainment level of what you created, how you use the Amazon platform and your formatting options will be very important. The marketing your customers see will often use a thumbnail image of your cover, so be sure to make a cover that looks good as both a thumbnail and a full size cover. Sadly, your cover design is probably your most powerful marketing tool initially, so if your talents dont lie in visual art, you may want to hunt down and buy or barter with a graphic designer.


Official Specs on Kindle Cover Art


Horizontally: minimum of 500 pixels
Vertically: maximum of 1280 pixels


eBook converter Software for Kindle

It is suggested by Amazon that you format your book for Kindle publishing using word (or open office) and save in the .doc format. The Kindle is unique to print publishing as the device will allow the reader to change alignment and font size. So other than inserting page breaks the  required formatting is very minimal.

But Amazon then suggests that you convert the .doc for submission (although, they do accept in .doc format) most likely so you can see what the conversion will look like prior to submission.

The suggested software is:

This software will allow you to create an ebook from the html format that word/office can spit out.

eBook reader Software for Kindle Publisher Testing

Not sure, if it was just me. But after conversion. I couldn’t read my own ebook!

This is the free software that allowed me to see the book as it would appear (hopefully) in a kindle.

Copyright Notice templates for your published Kindle ebooks

Part of the format for your ebook should include a copyright notification. I used info derived from the simple ezine article.


Publishing your Kindle Book to Print

You may want to make your book or story available to be purchased in hardcopy. This is done easily via CreateSpace but does require a new set of formats and templating.


Publishing your book for the Nook Platform

I am a Graphic Designer, so I own a copy of the very expensive and powerful Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshop and Illustrator are required in order to be a web publisher as far as I am concerned. According to these Nook Publishers, InDesign is also a great boon for formatting for the nook platform. We used to use Adobe Pagemaker for Book layout in the Printing Industry, but it was usurped by Quark and later Adobe InDesign.



By no means is this a comprehensive Guide to all that can be done to market and produce the best possible Kindle Book but hopefully it can save you some time when you go through the process.

Do you know anyone that self publishes, or really should? Do us both a favor and “like” or “tweet” this page to spread the info about.

If you book mark it and come back in a few months, I will update with whatever I picked up on about marketing and sales of the Kindle book and navigating the platform.



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