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Frequently Asked Interview Questions - Interviewing Tips - |

Frequently Asked Interview Questions – Interviewing Tips

Frequently Asked Interview QuestionsA personal interview is an opportunity to present yourself to your full potential and get the job.  Your answers to their questions hold the key to your success in the interview.  So, it is very important that you thoroughly prepare for it.  Though the panel can ask you any question, there are some frequently asked interview questions.  These questions are asked in most personal interviews and having a thoughtful response ready for such questions can swing the direction of interview in your favor.  Listed below are some of the frequently asked interview questions with sample answers and approach to tackle the question.  Hope you will find the interviewing tips helpful.

  • Tell us Something About Yourself: Your personal interview is most likely to begin with this.  And it is also a question, that invokes the most monotonous responses.  Candidates just state their name, qualification, family background and career goals in one go.  There is nothing unique in their response.Candidates should treat this question as a sales talk on themselves.  Most of the times the answer to this question decides the direction of the rest of the interview.  So be creative and unique in your response and give it your best shot.
  • Where do you see yourself five years or ten years from now? or What are your career goals? This again is a tricky question and has to be dealt with tact.  You should clearly state your career goals and how this job would help in achieving it.  Don’t worry if you don’t have an exact plan of action in mind, a general idea of your long term goal would be sufficient.  Just make sure that your goals and methods to achieve the goals are realistic and practical.
  • You don’t seem to have too many extra curricular pursuits, so are you a one dimensional person? This is a very important question (as extra curriculars tells a lot about your personality) and you should deal with it carefully.  Tell them that you are a team person and have worked towards organizing events and so you don’t have any certificate under your name.  Also, convince them that you are open to exploring other pursuits.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? The best way to answer this question would be to answer it honestly.  Remember that it is not always important to choose a weakness that can be turned into a strength.  It is fine to state your weakness as long as you follow it up with convincing steps to overcome it.
  • What are your hobbies? A very, very common question asked in almost every interview!  Also, this question sees the same repetitive boring answer – listening to music and reading books from candidates.  Interviewers are tired of such responses.  So if you can come up with some refreshing answers, then you can turn the interview in your favor.

To Conclude With:

The above ideas are broad guidelines that should help you in preparing your own answers.  But do remember that in the end, honesty and integrity will clinch the deal for you.  Don’t sound fake, unreal or rehearsed.

If you have suggestion to share or any query that you would like to ask me then please do so in the comment section.  I will try my best to answer.



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