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Emergency Disaster and Survival Kits |

Emergency Disaster and Survival Kits

Life can certainly throw a few curve balls our way and you never know exactly when one might fly by.  Although we do normally receive good communications about weather emergencies the time to prepare is long before the warning.

Many other emergencies come without warning.  I for one know all to well having been in a car accident while 7 months pregnant, it’s best to be ready for anything and hope for nothing.  Being ready makes all the difference and can make for a better outcome.

Emergency Disaster and Survival Kits

What are some of life’s little hazards?

  • Extreme Heat Exposure
  • Weather Emergencies
  • Roadside Emergencies
  • Poison Control
  • Severe Injury, Falls, Breaks, Burns etc…

Weather can hit at any given time.  Dangerous weather occurs with the right conditions and yet more and more weather patterns are changing giving all the more reason to have medical, disaster and survival kits on hand.  Its simple to prepare for severe weather with the many kits available online.  Regardless of the emergency a good survival kit can serve many purposes!

Emergency Disaster and Survival Kits

No one ever plans for a car accident and yet all to often they occur during the most brutal of weather.  Having a good plan in place for such an accident can save your life.  Being trapped in a vehicle during the cold winter months or flooding creates a dangerous situation at best.

Being ready with the proper survival kit allows you to withstand any such emergency.

What should a good car roadside emergency kit consist of?

  • Clean drinking water – for an extended period
  • A glass breaking tool – if your car runs into a deep body of water
  • Battery cautions lights – if your car battery goes dead and for extra attention to your situation
  • Car cell phone charger – to insure your cell phone remains charged for easy and fast communication
  • Protein, energy or nutrition bars
  • Warm blankets and or heat packs
  • A good emergency car kit with caution lights etc
  • Medical kit

Emergency Disaster and Survival Kits

Many other things can occur yet with a little thought preparedness leads to prevention.  Although the best education cannot prevent many disasters it can give you the means to survive.

Some common emergencies many people do not prepare for are heat exposure and poison response.  These two things are common enough to alert your radar of preparedness!

Although it’s best to plan for the good safe experiences emergencies do happen and it’s important to prepare.

It’s not what happens to you that truly matters it’s how you react to it that does.  Be ready to react in a safe and informative way that will have you alive and well living to tell the stories about remember when!

Here’s to you and your safety preparedness whether you buy emergency disaster and survival kits online or off be ready!

Much Love and Success, Katie



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