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Are Wild Pigs Good to Eat? - |

Are Wild Pigs Good to Eat?

Wild pigs are excellent for BBQ cooking!

We folks in the South love our BBQ cooking, and that almost always means pork. Sometimes the pork is from wild, or feral, pigs. Feral pigs are rampant in many parts of the US, and the South is no exception. These critters are extremely difficult to manage, and large populations can be devastating to the environment. Pigs are destructive. They don’t graze like cattle and horses – they uproot plants and small trees with their tough snouts.

Because their presence can be devastating, some folks kill feral pigs and leave the carcass to rot. What a waste! The pork from feral pigs is excellent, unless it’s from an older boar. And why wouldn’t the meat be good – most of these “wild” pigs are just regular farm pigs that have escaped their pig pens. Sometimes the pigs were purposely set free for the purpose of hog hunting. In such cases, Russian boars were introduced to create a crossbreed pig.  Okay, back to the title topic…

A lot of folks around here trap feral pigs and “feed them out” for a few weeks with corn to improve the quality of the meat. The wild pigs I’ve eaten were not “fed out,” but they still made great barbecue. In all honesty, our wild pigs could very well have already been eating corn – I lived on a large farm/cattle operation at the time, so I’m quite sure the piggies were helping themselves to our corn crop and any feed spilled by the cows.

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