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Today's Deals: Just Got Better! - |

Today’s Deals: Just Got Better!

As the owner of an online based business, focused on commercial sales, I find myself trawling the net looking at deal databases and clearance selection at a daily  basis.

This makes me a bit jaded in my evaluation of these type of sites. But, today, I am happy to be able to break the news of an exciting new “Deals Site” that follows in the woot model but multiplies the available deals to a total of 9, including one for charity.

Nomorerack is a rather fun site to surf around. They outline how and where they find their deals (overstock sales, manufacturer closeouts and cancelled orders) which explain their true scarcity of product. I like the fun feeling I get when going for a deal, it brings back my initial glee at grabbing at eBay auctions.

Since the deals actually are scarce, and consist of a variety of products ranging from brand name fashion products to quirky gadgets , there likely will be something that catches your eye, every day.

To make sure a product isn’t sold out from under your feet, it is suggested that one registers and sets up a shopping profile. So when a deal catches your eye you can reserve and purchase it within seconds. only charges $2 shipping per order and so far from my experience and research there are no secret hidden charges. It’s just a legit and fun way to capture the deals that in the past only liquidation specialists could get their hands on.

When I registered, I noticed some fun promotions and social share incentives, if one refers new users they can earn gift cards and points toward discounts off further products. As I do like the offerings so far, don’t be surprised if I mention the site a few more times and highlight some of the more exciting deals I find each day across my social networks.

I haven’t had a chance to explore their side projects in-depth, but I do see that its possible to get completely free products by taking part in their special events.

I did look through and register for their FriendRack program and I have my eye on some of the high end electronics they are offering as prizes.

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