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How Marketers Make You Buy : The Goldilocks Effect - |

How Marketers Make You Buy : The Goldilocks Effect

The Psychological Tricks That make You Purchase


Do you ever realize how everything online seems to be priced in 3′s ? The pricing structure and related consumer psychology pattern that influences it is based on lots of research into human nature. Human Nature that even the Brothers Grimm were able to recognize a century ago. Too many products and choices in a buying equation can be overkill and leads to indecision, so instead a limited amount of options is often presented.

But why is that number usually 3?

Easy, by pricing the item that the marketer or merchandiser actually wants to sell in the middle range, they can play on all types of consumer thinking. Ideally, one would think, that on is too much, this one is so cheap, it must not be any good, so the one in the middle is perfect!

If that works.. than great. Some will go for the most expensive as the “prestige” buy and some will go for the cheapest as the “budget” purchase. In the end the seller wins no matter which one you purchase and any difference in the item or pricing is probably just manufactured for selling psychology purposes.

I like this particular article because the designer has found dozens of examples of Goldilocks pricing online. Its a fun scan and the entire site is filled with interesting insights into usability and psychology.


Understanding Goldilocks Behavior



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