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Dedicated to a Beloved Tabby: A Poem About A Rescued Cat - |

Dedicated to a Beloved Tabby: A Poem About A Rescued Cat

Copyright By FloraBreenRobison


Cat’s Cradle

One of Amy's many preferred places to sleep is an old doll cradle from my childhood
One of Amy’s many preferred places to sleep is an old doll cradle from my childhood
Photo Source: Flora Breen Robison

To Love a Devoted Rescued Cat


You have lived a long and hard life.

You had been abused and forgotten.

How have you managed to survive so long

When your life circumstances have been rotten?


You were truly blessed the day you were found

And rescued from that trailer park.

The Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven Society

Has guaranteed your fate’s no longer dark.


Through the love and dedication of volunteers

The Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven Ensures

That cats can live out their lives in peace

Rewarding the volunteers with purrs.


The Haven rescues cats and gives them life

That they can lead happily and forever there.

They will not die unless they’re terminally ill

No other shelter can compare.


When I went to the shelter,

I came there with a plan

I would adopt a young adult cat

To join the Robison clan.


But my family has never taken the easy road

Every cat we’ve ever taken into our home

Was one that nobody else ever wanted.

No one else gave them a home.


Of course as soon as I was told

Of your prior abuse and pain,

It didn’t matter what your age was

To leave you there I’d be insane.


I was truly blessed the day we met

And our lives have been full of love

I can’t imagine life without you

You are my soulmate and true love.


I wish that I had met you sooner

So that you didn’t have so hard a journey.

And we could have a long life together,

The joys of life the only thing you’d see.


But I will enjoy and cherish

Whatever amount of time we’re given

To love you and be loved by you

You make the world a joy to live in.






Hello Again, Darling

One of dozens of pictures of us together
One of dozens of pictures of us together


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