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How to make football trophies more exciting - |

How to make football trophies more exciting

So you’ve won the game, the tournament, or the league and you’re standing there in front of the cheering crowd and the dignitary presses into your sweaty hand … a disappointing lightweight cup with kitsch engravings. But football trophies don’t have to be that way! Nowadays there are all kinds of options for giving winners the recognition they deserve.

Of course, what really matters is your achievement, and the fun you and your team had making it, but isn’t it also good to get something … well … something that isn’t embarrassing to stick on your mantelpiece?

Football trophies come in many different shapes and sizes, and many different materials: from cut-price plastic (ideal for children’s competitions) to brass or glass, crystal, ceramics or resin. If you’re bored with the traditional cup shape, why not go for a sculpture of a player in action? These figures come in many styles from realistic, to comic and cartoonish, to stylised and futuristic.

Recognise individual as well as team achievement by handing out trophies to everyone who has contributed to making your team what it is. Naturally, you can get figures depicting men and women, boys and girls. Need a trophy for a goalkeeper? No problem, goalies are depicted too, as indeed are referees. And there are designs specifically for your man – or woman – of the match.

A football itself can provide a very pleasing shape for a trophy: classic, simple and stylish. Alternatively, why not go for a trophy that depicts a football boot or pair of boot, or a referee’s whistle?

Crystal designs are now very popular too, and again have the advantage of classic simplicity, which goes with all forms of decor. Or choose a replica of one of football’s big name trophies like the World Cup. Or think outside the trophy-shaped box entirely and go for a shield, medal or tankard to celebrate success.

There’s a lot of choice regarding size as well. Modern football trophies range from the tiny (10cm or so) to the huge (up to 80cm and beyond). And it goes without saying that most designs can be engraved as you wish.
Browse around and see what catches your eye. There is something to suit the tastes of every football fanatic. Or do you think you can do better than these ideas? You may be in luck. It’s now possible for you to design your own trophy and have it made to your specifications.



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