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Furnishing Tips To Instantly Update A Room

This post was contributed by Danielle Butlerson, an freelance writer, today showing her love of home decor and giving your home that personal touch. A huge fan of the wide range of home furniture Furnishing Homes has to offer.


Is there a room in your house that is starting to look a bit tired and worn? Do you wish there was an easy quick-fix way to freshen it up without having to spend a fortune? Well if you answered yes to either of the above, you will no doubt be pleased to hear that you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to restore life and vitality to an old room. In fact, here are some furnishing tips to help you instantly update a room.

Fresh coat of paint

It may have been several years since you last decorated and as such, the walls of your room are likely to be marked, and the paint may be peeling. It’s easy to paint over the cracks (metaphorically of course). In fact, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders in your home – if you’re struggling for inspiration about what colour to go for, why not ask a friend’s advice or find out which colours are super trendy at the moment and use a combination of those to really make your room on trend this season.

New cushion covers

Accessories are a cheap way to change the look of a room immediately – start with the cushion covers on your tatty sofa cushions. Really cheap to replace, you may wish to inject a bright pop of eye-catching colour into the room by investing in a bold red or a lively lemon yellow. Alternatively, you can make your own. The current upcycling trend has seen anything and everything used to make cushion covers, from old jeans to furry felt.

Switch from curtains to blinds

Let plenty of natural light into the room during the daytime and then cosy up in the darkness at night with a pair of brand new blinds. Don’t be fooled into thinking that replacing your old curtains with a pair of blinds will make the room look dull and drab; there are plenty of bright and patterned designs for blinds so there’s no need to invest in a simple white pair.

Get arty

If you are fed up of looking at the same old plain walls but don’t know what to do, why not consider making a montage out of your favourite photos? Whether you choose the montage idea of wish to be more traditional and hang pictures individually, the simple act of introducing photos to the room will add a lively spark and help to make the room look more personal.

Stencil your wall

While the neutral theme may be classic for your room, that is not to say that it is the most lively of decorations. You don’t have to change the colour of your walls to add a new touch however; by investing in specialised wall stencils you can sponge on a pattern to give your room a retro vibe or pull it back into the present day. And if you’re feeling creative, you could always paint a freestyle design on one wall and make it into a feature wall. Just make sure that you practise on paper first before you let yourself loose on the real thing.



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