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Web Copywriting – Writing Content for the Web |

Web Copywriting – Writing Content for the Web

Web Content and the Hidden Power of Words

As the Google Panda Algorithm has shown, search engines are increasingly looking for quality web copywriting and relegating duplicate content to the abyss. Instead of promoting businesses that choose to flood the internet with spammy, useless articles and thin, keyword-stuffed web content, writing content for the web now involves catering for human readers rather than trying to fool the search engine algorithms.

In recent years, businesses became obsessed with creating cheap, easy backlinks rather than create genuinely useful content, scattering keyword-driven articles to all four corners of the interweb. For this, they hired cheap content writers, who dutifully produced reams of articles in barely-passable English. Internet users rapidly tired of wading through empty content sourced from the article mills, and wanted to find what they needed, quickly and without wading through spun content and intolerable squeeze pages.

Aware that consumer power is key, the big search engines know that they must adapt, finding ways to filter out spam and duplicate content. This applies to any business wishing to make it online: produce high quality web content or watch as the competition races ahead.

Instead of looking at the bargain bin, hire a professional to write content for the web, helping your site gain search engine credibility with a focus on quality over quantity. As the new Google algorithm wreaks havoc, the businesses investing in good web copywriting will be the last ones left standing.

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Finding a Freelance Web Content Writer

Many online businesses happily fork out considerable sums to website designers and online marketing consultants, but they baulk at paying a professional rate for a freelance web content writer. Because of the bottom feeders infesting the freelance writing sites, they assume that a writer is only worth a few dollars an hour. In the vast majority of cases, this approach simply does not work, because you are not going to find compelling content for slave wages. Good content is paramount, and scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel does not reflect kindly on your business.

Online, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the reader, with instant gratification the currency of online communication. If you confront potential customers with empty content littered with elementary spelling mistakes, they will go elsewhere and you lose any chance of making an impression. The money that you paid out to your SEO specialist, graphic designer, and website designer will be lost, all because you tried to save a few dollars. A freelance content writer knows how to grab the attention with emotive language and then use subtlety to close the deal. If people actually enjoy reading your content, they will stick around and browse your site.

A skilled web content writer will work with your marketers, and will seamlessly blend keywords into emotive sentences and flowing prose, engaging clients and enticing them to buy. SEO consultants love working with skilled web copywriters, because they are aware that high-quality content is much easier to promote, allowing them to deliver on their promises much more quickly. A marketer given great content can concentrate on promoting your site and, if they are paid by the hour, this will save you money.

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Using Web Content to Close Deals

Internet users are all too aware of the fraudulent websites and products scattered across the net, so they look at the quality of your web content as a guide to your intentions. Instead of forcing them to buy with tired squeeze pages, well-constructed content instills trust, displaying your professionalism and the quality of your products and services.

A good online business plan includes three elements:

  • Marketers: To go out an find potential clients, driving them to your site
  • Website Designers: They create a great site that convinces them to stay, reinforcing you brand
  • Copywriting: High quality content is how you close the deal

This tried and tested three-stage plan is the key to online success, and copywriting is essential.

I recently scoured the internet, looking for door hardware, and had to wade through pages of poorly written articles, consisting of a few paragraphs of broken English with a link inviting me to find out more.

Do these businesses seriously think that I am going to visit their site if they insist on insulting my intelligence? By refusing to hire a decent writer, they lost a sale.

Professional Copywriting Services – What Do I Get For My Money?

A talented web content writer is a professional with many years of experience, so you are not going to find one for a few dollars an hour. In the same way, you are not going to find a marketer, accountant, mechanic, or plumber for such low rates; they are professionals and set their prices accordingly.

Sadly, too many businesses have a distorted view, built upon the cheap rates of content farms and freelance writing sites, where you can find ‘writers’ for a few cents per article. Sadly, in most cases, these content writers are atrocious and deliver poorly written content with no passion, authority, or power behind the words or, you end up with web copywriting stolen from other sites.

A good freelance writer is a hired gun, brought in to revive flagging marketing campaigns or provide your site with strong, powerful content. A good content writer will fit seamlessly into your team, helping your online business to thrive, projecting your business’ core values and integrity.

Hire A Quality Web Copywriter – Freelance Writer Editor

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