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Food Stamps Hit Record High in America - |

Food Stamps Hit Record High in America

44.2 Million Americans on Food Stamps

When you get up today and rejoice over the killing of Osama Bin Laden and what it means ask yourself what really has changed?

Gasoline still hovers around $4 gallons, food prices are at a record and real unemployment is around a quarter of the American workforce.

Just how widespread the destruction of US living standards is underscored by the sad reality of how many Americans are on food stamps.

There are an  all time high 44.2 million Americans living at or below poverty-level and relying on government money for day to day sustenance from food stamps.

So where do we go from here as we hit the debt ceiling AGAIN and the US Dollar hits new lows AGAIN.  So when you are get up complaining about your lot spare a thought for how good your situation really maybe.


US Poverty Entrenched with Record Number of Americans on Food Stamps



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