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Tael Gold Bar: Taels, Liang: Buy Gold Online |

Tael Gold Bar: Taels, Liang: Buy Gold Online

Tael Gold Bar

Gold Bar with Reflected Coins
Photo by BullionVault
A tael gold bar is a gold bullion measure, usually in weights of 10, 5, and 1 tael, as traded on the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets.

A Taiwan tael gold bar may have a fineness of 999.9.

Hong Kong has traded in tael gold bars since 1910. The fineness of a Hong Kong tael gold bar is 990.

A basic Hong Kong gold contract lot is 20 5-tael gold bars = 100 taels.

1 tael = 1.20337 oz (37.429 g), 5 tael = 6.01685 oz (187.145 g).

Good Delivery Tael Gold Bar

There are 8 Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) accredited Hong Kong good delivery gold tael bar refineries:

  • King Fook
    Photo by Monica and Joe
    King Fook Gold & Jewellery Co Limited
  • Po Sang Financial Investment Services Co Limited
  • Lee Cheong Gold Dealers Co Limited
  • Wing Fung Precious Metals Limited
  • Heraeus Limited
  • Wong Sha Co Limited
  • Sun Yip Hong Gold Dealers Limited
  • Marigold International Bullion Dealers Ltd.

The good delivery tael gold bars traded on the CGSE have the CGSE mark added. Non-good delivery tael gold bars of 999.9 purity are manufactured, but not traded on the CGSE, so do not have the addition of the CGSE mark.

Other refineries that have historically manufactured CGSE Hong Kong good delivery gold tael bars are:

  • chow tai fook
    Photo by lism.
    Cheung Shun
  • Chow Sang Sang
  • Chow Tai Fook
  • Heng Fat
  • Heng Shing
  • Hing Fung
  • King Shing
  • Lai Kee
  • Lee Shing
  • On Hing
  • On Lung
  • Shing Shun
  • Sun Hung Kai
  • Sze Zee
  • Wing Lung
  • Wing Hang
  • Wing Shing Loong

What shape is a gold tael bar?

Gold tael bars have been manufactured in three common shapes:

  • biscuit shaped
  • boat shaped
  • donut (doughnut) shaped

What is a Tael?

The tael (tahil) is the trade name of the liang, a weight fixed for commercial gold transactions as 37.799364 grams (1.33 oz avoirdupois, 579.84 grains) as used in China and other parts of the Far East. In some parts of Asia a tael is equivalent to 10 mace or 0.0625 kati. A tael weight of standard silver was a Chinese monetary unit.

In China the tael had differing standard weight measurements:

  • The treasury standard (kuping) tael weight = 37.313 grams (about 1.31 oz avoirdupois, 1.2 oz troy).
  • The canal shipping standard (caoping) tael weight = 36.7 grams (1.29 oz avoir., 1.18 oz troy).
  • The Canton tael weight = 37.5 grams (1.32 oz avoir., 1.21 oz troy).
  • The Convention of Shanghai tael weight = 33.9 grams (1.19 oz avoir., 1.09 oz troy).
  • The Customs (haiguan, haikwan tad) tael weight = 37.68 grams (1.333 oz avoir., 1.22 oz troy).
  • The Market, as inherited from the Japanese occupation, tael weight = 31.25 grams.

What is a liang?

A liang (jiang) is the Chinese ounce the equivalent of a tael.

What is a mace?

A mace (mas, masa, tsien) is equal to 0.1 tael, approximately 3.78 grams (0.133 oz avoir.). A mace is equal to 10 candareen (candereen, conderin).

What is a Kati?

A kati (catty) is an East Asian unit of mass equal to 16 tael, or about 0.667 kilogram (approx. 1.33 lb avoir.).

Tael: from Portuguese: from Malay tahil, tail = weight; perhaps from Hindi tola = weight of a new rupee, from Sanskrit tula = weight.

Convert tael to grams

For more information on tola gold bar

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For more info on gold tael bars



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