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Roger Eberts Top Ten Lists Through the Years - Over 40 Years of Lists - |

Roger Eberts Top Ten Lists Through the Years – Over 40 Years of Lists

Its Hard to believe Roger Ebert has been creating Top ten lists since 1967

I admit it. I watch a lot of movies. Between the internet, Amazon On Demand, buying lots of DVD’s on eBay and my local used bookstore, I always have access to a huge collection of  potentially unseen movies. But after years of doing this its becomes increasingly  hard to find truly wonderful movies that I have yet to experience.

I also have elitist, intellectual leanings about my taste in art. But, not always!

I accept that we all have different tastes, I even have different tastes depending on my mood and time restraints. I may actually prefer to watch American Ninja 2 over Schindlers List if the sun is shining and my attention isnt firmly on a screen. Considering our differences in tastes its hard to find a reviewer or website that can be trusted for good and honest analysis of movies past and present.

I feel that movie reviews suffer from a tragedy of the commons type effect. Some popular source of movie reviews include, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB forums and reviews.

But what you will find at sites like the above is that the morons are always the most vocal. Seems harsh, I know. But, its true, I guess you can assume that the thoughtful or intelligent are less likely to want to impose their negative reviews on the world?

Both Meta-Critic and Rotten Tomatoes simply aggregate movie reviews from the print and online sources. Considering that being a movie reviewer takes no special talent or qualifications, in fact, I would suggest the opposite is more often true.. those with little talent in writing or movie making would be movie reviewers.


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

..”A Movie Reviewer”

… send that kid back a grade.

Then aggregating all their idiotic and pretentious attempts to sound less idiotic is no great resource.

In order to get a decent review, you simply have to find a single reviewer who can be trusted. If they have similar interests then they can be trusted to at least offer up a decent suggestion.


Roger Ebert shares my conception of quality and I have faithfully watched every movie on his top ten lists starting in 2009 and working my way backwards… Im up to 1981 right now and working my way back to the beginning.


Who is a movie reviewer you trust?


My personal favorites at this moment:

The Power of One The Power of One The Departed (Widescreen Edition) The Departed





see a great list of all Eberts Top ten Lists



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