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Need A Resume? Use a Professional Resume Writer |

Need A Resume? Use a Professional Resume Writer

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Create A Killer Resume: The Key To Finding A Job

As the economic crisis unfolds, leaving rising unemployment and financial turmoil in its wake, finding a job is tougher than ever before. Jobseekers desperately send out batches of job applications and resumes, but never seem to receive an acknowledgement, let alone a response. Alongside financial difficulties, trying to find enough money to pay the bills and stave off the threat of foreclosure, long-term unemployment strikes at your self-esteem. In a self-fulfilling, vicious cycle, every rejection chips away at your motivation and you become less inclined to send out applications, and finding a job becomes an unattainable dream.

At the moment, most employers are besieged by applicants, and every single vacancy receives countless responses from desperate job hunters. In the face of this competition, having a professional resume is more important than ever before, and you need to show that you are the best candidate for the position. Your resume and introductory letter must be powerful and command attention, making that all-important first impression.

If you need a resume, it makes sense to use a professional resume writer, who can draft a tightly focused, information-packed application. They know how to use potent language that will leap from the page, enticing the hiring manager to read on and se what you have to offer.

Finding Work and the Ten Second Rule

Before embarking upon my career as a freelance writer, I worked in retail and somehow ended up managing a store. As is common in the low-wage retail industry, we had to spend a lot of time recruiting new staff. As soon as we advertised a vacancy, we would receive a huge pile of application forms and resumes. Time was short, so I developed a system to filter out the unsuitable candidates efficiently, saving time and effort. Any resumes that were littered with poor spelling, grammatical mistakes, unreadable fonts or poor formatting were thrown into the reject tray, commonly called the trashcan.

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This method was built on the idea that a candidate who could not be bothered to create a half-decent introductory letter and resume would show little inclination to work. Most Human Resource managers use this simple, efficient rule, as a way to filter out the unsuitable applicants and concentrate on the high quality candidates.

One other mistake that would see a resume find its way into the reject pile was overlong applications, where the candidate felt the need to fill multiple pages telling me their entire life history. I really had no interest in their marital status and what they like for breakfast, only whether they had the right skills and abilities needed. A long, meandering resume fails to make an impact, and it will see the application fail: you have a few seconds to make an impression.

Use an Expert Resume Writer to Increase Your Chances of an Interview

Use an expert resume writer to create a fully personalized, highly targeted resume that will fit onto a single sheet of paper. Rather than clutter the form with irrelevance, a professional resume writer knows how to use clarity and economical language to draft a resume that demands attention. A clear, concise resume will create intrigue and intrigue the reader, persuading them to pick up the telephone and make the call, inviting you to an interview.

In the hands of a skilled writer, your resume should see you force your way to the front of the pack, placing you in a prime position. The vast majority of the other applicants will fall at the first hurdle, so your professional resume writer will strive to ensure that you are not counted amongst the failures.

Use A Professional Resume Writer

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