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How Do I Make A Link Clickable |

How Do I Make A Link Clickable

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How Do I Make A Word Clickable so it links to another place?

Ive also seen this question asked as:

How do I make words blue so they lead to other pages?

Yes, these are introductory questions, but one really cant be at fault for not having the vocabulary to effectively search for help with simple html and web user issues. It takes time to learn this new language and skillset and its hard to find the answers when you don’t have the words to search for them yet!

The first word to learn when trying to create clickable text is “Anchor”

Linked text is referred to as anchor text, a link is made up of two parts, the anchor, which is the word or image visible to the reader and the destination link, the location that the anchor leads to when clicked.

How to Make a Link Clickable in HTML

In html, creating an anchored link involves these two simple html code strings.
In most coding languages, when you start a description you always have to designate when its over.

So we started with <a href=” and ended with /a> (end anchor)

How to Make a Link Clickable in WSIWYG editors

Most text editors in email, online publishing platforms and comment forms will have a WSIWYG editor (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET) these editors still operate as HTML but dont require you to know HTML in order to use them.

A WSIWYG editor will use the chain icon to create links, it is a chain LINK. Simply type any words you want in order to create your anchor text and then highlight it and click the link icon. A pop up will appear and give you the option to insert your destination link.

Be sure to use a full and complete address, a full path

How to make a link clickable in BBC Code

Some forums still use the old BBC (Bulletin Board Code)format for creating links, images,smilies etc.

Creating a link with BBC is similar to HTML but it uses brackets “[ ]” rather than “carrots.” <

[url=Yourdestinationlink]Your Anchor Text[/url]



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