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Peter Dinklage As Tyrion Lannister - |

Peter Dinklage As Tyrion Lannister

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Peter Dinklage has been around for a long time.  He isn’t remotely new to the entertainment industry, he’s just damned good at acting, and getting more and more of the work and the roles he very much deserves.  Peter, of course, is a man who has a form of dwarfism known as achondroplasia.  I’m not sure it would be kind or accurate to say he “suffers” from it, that sounds condescending, and last thing I’d want to do is go that route, this man is FABULOUS.

Now me personally, I recognized Peter’s face when I started watching Game Of Thrones, I knew he was already an established actor, I’d seen him in something or another, but I don’t recall just what.  To me, he’s going to be Tyrion Lannister; I just like the Game Of Thrones stuff so much my mind will likely have him categorized as Lord Tyrion for here on out, but I recognize Peter is such a fine actor he could well at some point knock out some other part in some other film so wonderfully that I then also think of him as someone else.

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Concerning Lord Tyrion Lannister, he’s got the best lines in all the three seasons of Game of Thrones to date, and seeing as he is absolutely going to be a part of the 4th season, one would assume he’s going to have the best one liner’s in that ten episode lot too.  He just delivers them so well,  Anyone and everyone who’s followed along thus far in the saga knows Lord Tyrion faces a huge threat at all times, his own family seems to hate him, the one family member that does seem to love him is a monster himself, but Lord Tyrion doesn’t dismiss that, he only recognizes his older brother Jamie loves him, and so he returns the love.  He can’t be faulted at all for this, nevermind what a wretched person his older brother is, when you only have one family member that loves you, you love that person back, I triple dog dare anyone to fault Lord Tyrion for this.

Oh I guess one could say Tyrion’s father doesn’t exactly HATE him, he simply doesn’t love him.  Tyrion’s father, the baddest mofo in a land of bad mofos, Lord Tywin Lannister, simply blames his youngest son for the death of his wife, the mother Tyrion never got to know, who died in childbirth.  If Game of Thrones was Pulp Fiction, only one man would truly have a wallet that said, “Bad Mutha’ Scratcha’” on it, and that would be Tywin Lannister.


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Despite the obvious severity of being around or commanded directly by the single wealthiest man on the planet created by George R. R. Martin, some of the most hilarious changes in events in Game of Thrones involve the ever changing political positioning of Lord Tyrion Lannister.  One minute he’s a drunk whoremonger, next minute he’s Hand of the King, then the next minute he’s saving the entire city of King’s Landing, and then he’s just a drunken rich kid again, then he’s all of a sudden and without notice…chief of finances over the entire continent of Westeros, oh the fun never ends!

Needless to say, Lord Tyrion, who forever has lots to say, has accumulated his own book of wisdom.  I’d assume it mostly involves spending money, having women he’s never had, and then….his brother the Ted Bundy-esq sword monger.  Also, I’d imagine he would speak of the evils associated with older sisters.  Some of us know these things.


The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister


In any case, fellow fantasy fans, life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life?  I hope so.  Here’s to Lord Tyrion Lannister, I mean….Peter Dinklage, and season 4!  CHEERS!





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