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Coast Brand LED Flashlights - The BEST LED Flashlights Available. - |

Coast Brand LED Flashlights – The BEST LED Flashlights Available.

A Very Old or Early Flashlight.


The Electrical Hand Torch, or as we call it now, the flashlight, was first seen in around 1890 in the city of New York when Ever-Ready battery founder Conrad Hubert first showed his invention to the public.  Though the public was surely at awe with the new technological achievements, and probably, most wanted one for their own – the things just weren’t much good for anything, the batteries were primitive by the current standards, and the light very weak.  It’s how the name flashlight came about – there was a flash of light, then the batteries were about dead.


Coast HP21 High Performance Focusing 1317 Lumen LED Flashlight

Coast HP21 High Performance Focusing 1317 Lumen LED Flashlight with Tactical Strobe

Well over a hundred years after the invention of the flashlight, we’ve come a damned long ways with the thing, and there are few tools a man or woman can own that are more useful.  I am a EPA Universally certified and licensed refrigeration technician.  I work primarily on air conditioning equipment, and most of that in the residential market.  I do a lot of crawling underneath homes, and tip toeing through very hot attics.  I use flashlights constantly in the line of work that pays me the most, and I use Coast brand flashlights. Now what I do for a living…is not the issue here, but I’ll get back to that.  Everyone with sight really needs to own a high quality flashlight, you just do.  You can not trust the power from the grid, and this has been demonstrated many times over the past few years across the USA.

When you need a flashlight, you need a good one, you need one that is reliable, one who’s electrical connections and switches are not going to become an issue, and I just can’t in good conscious recommend any other brand than Coast Brand flashlights.

In regards to the Coast HP21 High Performance Focusing 1317 Lumen LED Flashlight, I’m not here to tell you that you need THAT, I’m here to tell you that I LUST after that thing.  I want it.  I want that flashlight with about everything inside of me.  It’s a real deal material attraction I have going.  The thing is just beyond awesome, and can focus a beam of light a total visible distance to a 20/20 eyesight having user a total of eight hundred and fifty two feet, it is water resistant, and has all manner of bell and whistle that the owner can dazzle himself or herself with, while inciting the same sort of material lust in his or her friends and neighbors.

Oh, and Coast provides a lifetime guarantee to the purchaser.  This is military grade hardware, but isn’t a weapon – it is something that is simply needed when what is thought to be the expected reality or circumstance of this modern world’s civilization model has failed us for whatever reason.

So back to me and HVAC – but this article isn’t about that, its about how wonderful are Coast LED flashlights, and the how and why I think everyone ought to own one.


Coast HL7 Focusing 196 Lumen LED Headlamp

Coast HL7 Focusing 196 Lumen LED Headlamp

That thing above, you see that, right?  Simply put, out of all the screw drivers, electric drills, nut drivers, wrenches, ratchets, sockets, hammers…out of all the tools I own, used to own, and will own, I can think of nothing that is more useful in my line of work than is the Coast HL7 Focusing 196 Lumen LED Headlamp.

Folks, its just a flashlight, but it straps to your head.  What is so wonderful about that?  Oh that is simple, when you are working in a dark environment, and the environment is someone’s attic in the Texas Summer, you need both hands to do your work, so you can get the heck out of that attic, and back to somewhere where it is safe to be.  Simple enough?  Fair enough?  I think so.  I need no convincing.  I already had some very good flashlights, drop lights, so forth and so on, but working on high voltage electrical equipment in a one hundred and fifty degree attic while lying on my side in some trash and fiberglass insulation to fix an air conditioner while holding a hand held flashlight in my mouth so I could use both hands….are you getting the beauty of this thing yet?

I do not think of this valuable Coast tool as something so related to work, I think it is something transcending my first application for it a thousand times over in the realms of usefulness.  I strap the thing to my head, hop on my mountain bicycle, and peddle ten miles into the night down rural rock roads pretty often….I don’t keep it turned on, but I could. It has both a high and a low setting for power or Lumen output, and in high, the three simple AAA batteries power the thing for  over five hours, in low?  Three AAA batteries power this wonderful tool for over seventy six hours.


Coast HP7 High Performance Focusing 251 Lumen LED Flashlight

Coast HP14 High Performance Focusing 339 Lumen LED Flashlight

Now friends, I can not honestly say that you need either of the two Coast brand flashlights I’ve shown above, but what I can and will definitely say is that no matter who you are, or where you live, either you or your loved ones – somebody needs a really good flashlight, and furthermore, Coast makes the best flashlights there are, therefore, you need to own a Coast brand flashlight.  I just believe that.  It is a personal truth. Perhaps the HP7 High Performance Focusing model is more your style?  More utilitarian?  Well, that is for you to decide, there are so many great features and variations on the theme of excellence that is Coast brand flashlights – that I just can not say what or which model or feature that you need, I can only tell you that I endorse every product by Coast, and that I do so out of experience in situations where I could not see for the Coast flashlight, and I could have been electrocuted for the nature of what I was in need of the thing for.  When you need reliable portable lighting, a flashlight, just remember the name “COAST.”


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