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Bob Dylan Love Songs Playlist |

Bob Dylan Love Songs Playlist

I write on the topic of love and lately given my obsession with both love and music I’ve been giving much thought to great love songs.

After combing through my collection of music I kept coming back to a great artist who truly gets the depth and expression of love. I found myself captivated and listening for hours. I wondered if others were aware of this hidden treasure of love song greats.

No one has ever matched the legend of love songs or conveyed such beauty in lengthy detail as Bob Dylan. I have a list of sixteen love songs by Bob Dylan that will blow you away. Yes, that’s right I said sixteen, can you believe it? Wait till you listen. Enjoy

Today I bring to you one of the best love song artist ever to walk the planet and with it I give you a list of my favorite love songs of the great Bob Dylan. I will include some videos for you to sample as I know once you hear them you will make a mad dash to the iTunes store to download these love song greats.

My favorite Bob Dylan love songs;

  1. Like a Rolling Stone, 1965
  2. Dark Eyes, 1985
  3. One Too Many Mornings, 1964
  4. Boots of Spanish Leather, 1964
  5. Spanish is the Loving Tongue, 1973
  6. Isis, 1976
  7. Nettie Moore, 2006
  8. She Belongs to Me, 1965
  9. Not Dark Yet, 1977
  10. One of Us Must Know, (sooner or later), 1966
  11. Visions of Johanna, 1966
  12. Dirge, 1974
  13. Ballad in Plain D, 1964
  14. Love Minus Zero No Limit, 1965
  15. Wedding Song, 1974
  16. Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, 1966

Bob Dylan is a love song classic genius you will be quick to embrace as he is unique, heartfelt and original.

It took me down a magic tour into a place of love and love stories like none I’ve known in my lifetime. I’m so trilled I stumbled upon the amazing voice and love stories of Bob Dylan.

Listening to Bob Dylan made me feel a connection to another place and time so close it felt as maybe I could transcend time myself. Enjoy the work of Bob Dylan! Not only is he a great song writer and performer, he tells a story a ballad a beautiful story of love and longing.

Much Love and Success, Katie


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