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5 Great Event Tips For Event Planning - |

5 Great Event Tips For Event Planning

If you are in the process of putting together your first event you might be quite overwhelmed by the idea of organising a whole event yourself. There are things you are bound to overlook or that might not seem that important. Don’t be put off by this as you can use all the information you learn from your first event when you put together your next event. Here are 5 Great tips for planning your first event.

1. Think about the size of your venue


Always make sure to think about the size of your venue and how many rooms it has. You need to think about how many people you can fit inside the venue but also how much time it will take for you to get to different rooms and to and from either side. You also need to make sure sound won’t merge between speakers stands, and from speakers rooms. A good sized venue will allow you to have multiple speakers at once without them all drowning each other out.

2. Hire help if you can

If you have it in your budget then make sure you hire professional help where possible. Professional event organisers and people working for an event agency will do wonders for your event and are worth the money if you have it. They are used to dealing with all the little issues that might arise. If there is a job that you really can’t do, don’t be afraid to hire someone who can.

3. Pick a topic or a theme

Make sure you have an overall topic or theme. This will help everyone know what they are there for. It will help all your speakers come up with talks that all work together. It is also important to make sure the venue is appropriate for the theme or topic – as an exaggerated example a pub would be a bad venue if your theme was giving up alcohol.

4. Make sure you know what action you want people to take next.

Make sure you can measure the success of your event by knowing what you want your visitors to do next. Is there a website they can go to? or there a product they should know about or be writing about? Do you want them to call a number or make an enquiry? Knowing what you want people to do next will mean you can measure how successful your event has been.

5. Travel Times to and from your event

Not only the times too and from hotels and stations, but you also need to check the time the public transport starts to make sure people can get to your event when it starts. You also need to make sure public transport is still running when your event ends, especially if it ends late in the evening. If public transport isn’t running it might be a good idea to pay for a coach service or a taxi service for people.

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