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How to keep the cost of running a car to a minimum - |

How to keep the cost of running a car to a minimum

The price of diesel hit a record high in the UK recently when a motorway service station on the M6 near Coventry was spotted selling a litre for 150.9p. The average price of fuel in Britain has increased significantly since 2002 and now many individuals and families are struggling to afford to fill up their tanks. If you regularly top up your 4×4 and don’t think twice about popping it onto the old bank card then this post probably isn’t for you. However, below there are hopefully some useful ideas for people who are keeping a close eye on the cost of motoring at the moment.

Regular servicing

Keeping your vehicle in a good state of repair is one way of helping to make sure that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you when you next have to get an MOT from the garage. Of course it is vital to make sure you are not throwing good money after bad when it comes to cars, but regular maintenance will be cheaper than having to fork out lots in one go. If, like me you’re in the North-West, you could also look into deals on Manchester car finance and other solutions to cut down the costs.

Avoid filling up on the motorway (especially on the M6 near Coventry!)

If you’re looking to avoid paying over the odds for fuel then make sure you take a few minutes out and go online to a specialist fuel price comparison website to see where you can make savings on your petrol and diesel. Waiting until your tank is nearly empty and then pulling into the nearest service station is going to end up costing you dearly.

Do plenty of research before parting with your cash

Again, research is key when it comes to buying a car. Look at historical depreciation levels and find out if the car you are thinking of buying is likely to lose its value faster than a lead balloon. Of course, all cars lose value as they age and their mileage increases, but some vehicles hold onto their value better than others. Choice of vehicle also makes a major difference when it comes to repair costs – it’s cheaper to buy a new exhaust for a Ford KA than it is for a Porsche Carrera, and you could also look into options to buy used cars on finance. Tax and insurance costs should of course also be taken into account.

Drive sensibly     

If you wheel spin out of junction, then as well as leaving part of your expensive tyre on the road, you’ll also see your petrol consumption rocket. Save fuel by slowing down, clearing the 10 tonne weight from your boot, making sure your tyres are properly inflated and not flooring it when you’re driving up a hill.

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