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Home Office Paper Shredders

Paper ShredderOffice paper shredders are a vital addition to the home office equipment, protecting business and personal documents from being used for identity theft and credit card fraud. Experienced criminals regularly sift through trash and waste dumps, seeking for sensitive papers that can help them to steal money. A few carelessly discarded band statements and utility bills can result in somebody else using your business identity to run up huge debts and, sadly, the first that you will know about it is when demands for payment arrive with your business mail

Using office paper shredders to destroy sensitive information is a cost-effective way to deny these fraudsters the opportunity, protecting you and your business from harm. However, with such a huge variety of types and brands available, it is difficult to decide which office paper shredder will make the best addition to your home office equipment. Prices range from a few dollars for a home paper shredder, to thousands of dollars for an industrial paper shredder.

Here are a few pointers to help you decide which paper shredder will make the best addition to your home office equipment. These factors will help you to choose a paper shredder that is efficient, cost-effective and durable.

Strip Cut Paper Shredders vs Cross Cut Paper Shredders

There are two main types of office paper shredder available; the strip cut shredder and the crosscut shredder. The cheaper, simpler strip cut shredder cuts documents into fine strips. These shredders are cheap and durable, but it is possible for a determined fraudster to piece the strips together and glean vital personal information. The crosscut shredder, as the name suggests, also slices the strips crossways, making it much more difficult for anybody to reconstruct documents. For businesses where data protection and corporate privacy are essential, a cross cut shredder is the better option.

Office Paper Shredders – The Volume of Paper

The literature supplied with office paper shredders lets you know the maximum recommended paper volume, measure as how many sheets you can feed in simultaneously. A small shredder, designed for destroying personal documents, may allow you to destroy two sheets at a time, plenty for the odd bank statement or bill.

Higher volume shredders allow you to destroy 5 – 10 sheets per feed, ideal if your business generates a lot of potentially sensitive documentation. Feeding in a single sheet becomes very tiresome and unproductive, and there is always the temptation to force the issue, burning out the motor or damaging the cutting teeth of your paper shredder.

Higher volume shredders are a more expensive addition to your home office equipment, but you have to balance this against the amount of time spent shredding documents, which could be used far more constructively. Overcompensate and buy a higher volume machine than you think you need, because it is inevitable that, however organized you are, there will be a build up of documents that, one day, you decide to work through and don’t want to be frustrated by under-capacity.

Office Paper Shredder Safety and Reliability

If you have young children, you should opt for a machine with a good safety reputation, which will not allow little fingers to access the mechanism. Most shredders are well designed and perfectly safe to use, but a reputable brand will usually be better made and to stringent safety requirements.

Office papers shredders are a hardworking part of your home office equipment, so you want a machine that is sturdy, reliable, durable, and destroys documents beyond all recognition. It should also be easy to operate and with a smooth action.

With any office paper shredder, you have to take on a little responsibility for ensuring that the machine lasts for a long time. Most office paper shredders need regular rest periods, allowing the motor to cool down; with cheaper options, this could be every few minutes. In addition, you must make sure that papers do not have staples or paperclips attached, because they will, at best, blunt the teeth and, at worst, completely destroy the machine.

Home Office Equipment – Buy Office Paper Shredders Online

With these tips, you should be able to find an office paper shredder that is a faithful and durable addition to your office equipment. A good office shredder is quiet, reliable and sturdy, and should last for many years, without complaining.


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