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Holiday In Greece: Backpacking Insurance |

Holiday In Greece: Cheap Backpacking Insurance

Finding Discount Travel Insurance Greece for Peace of Mind

Greece is a prime location for backpackers seeking to blend history, culture and natural beauty, and enjoy the unique delights of this delightful corner of the Mediterranean. However, many backpackers, in an attempt to make the budget stretch a little further, are lulled into a false sense of security by the reputation of Greece as a safe travel destination. They book tickets without backpacker travel insurance, taking a huge risk by trusting to luck.

Whilst Greece is a modern country, with a low crime-rate, there are still many things that can go wrong and travelling without backpacker insurance is a dangerous gamble. Even for short trips, many things can go wrong, from losing your money to having an accident requiring hospitalization or repatriation. For longer Greek budget holidays, especially if you intend to work for the summer, backpacker travel insurance is essential, to ensure that you are protected against every eventuality.

Backpacking Insurance Greece Lets You Enjoy Your Vacation Without worryWhy Do You Need Backpacking Travel Insurance For Greece?

If you search around for the best deal, your backpackers travel insurance is not a major expense and shopping around can net you fully comprehensive cover at a bargain price. However, you need to read the small print and ensure that your backpacker travel insurance covers you for every eventuality. If necessary, you should look at some of the added premiums if there is even the smallest chance that you may need them.

Greece has many things to do and see and it is easy to become caught up in the moment, especially when with new friends, and engage in activities for which you are not covered. You might be tempted to try SCUBA diving, or go for long nature treks in the rugged mountains, but your backpacker travel insurance may class this as a dangerous sport and refuse to pay out if things go wrong.

Tips for Finding Cheap Travel Insurance Deals

To help ensure that you have adequate international insurance cover for the trip, here are a few tips to help you find a sound policy, rather than racing to the bottom and going for the lowest price. Your travel insurance should cover everything from lost tickets and cancellations, to offering full cover for medical treatment.

Dangerous Activities Insurance GreeceGreek Backpackers Insurance and Dangerous Sports:

If there is the slightest hint that you may indulge in dangerous sports, make sure that you pay the extra for accident coverage. Greece offers a wonderful range of activities, from SCUBA diving to skiing, and it would be a shame to have to decline an invitation because your insurance will not cover it. In addition, some backpacker travel insurance providers class swimming as a dangerous sport so, if in doubt, pay the extra insurance premium.

Gap Travel Insurance for Working Holidays:

Many backpackers, especially those taking a gap year, try to find temporary employment in agriculture or work in the bars and clubs on the islands. If you intend to work, check the small print of your backpacker insurance and ensure that you are covered, both for personal injuries and for indemnity if you accidentally harm somebody else whilst you are working. This will cover your legal fees and potential payouts if you are sued.

Cheapest Backpacker’s Insurance and Excess Charges:

Most backpacker travel insurance policies carry some type of excess, giving you the opportunity to pay a lower premium but a higher excess charge, if anything does go amiss. This sounds fine, and you may be tempted to take the lower offer which stipulates that you pay the first $500 of any claim. The problem with this is that it is difficult to keep money aside, especially if you are having a good time.

If you have an accident, trying to phone friends to wire you some money is the last thing you want to be doing. Wiring is also expensive, and the steep charges you pay for a wire transfer would have covered the higher premium in the first place. It really is not a risk worth taking, especially when low wages common to gap year students make saving difficult.

Gap Year Insurance GreeceInternational Travel Insurance and Medical Treatment:

Even if you are an EU citizen, with an EHIC card, and you are entitled to medical treatment in Greece, you should still ensure that you are covered for medical treatment. Whilst a Greek hospital will not turn you away, that is the limit of their care; you are on your own if you need repatriation or you need family to fly out.

In addition, some backpacker travel insurance policies require you to pay the bill and claim the money back, not an ideal situation for backpackers on a budget. In addition, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, however innocuous, make sure that the policy covers them.

Cancelling Holiday Insurance and Cancellation:

For a few unfortunates, looking forward to sampling the delights of Greek culture and spending lazy, sun-drenched days by the beach, illness or other circumstances mean that they need to cancel the flight or change dates, all of which can hit you in the pocket. It is bad enough that you have to cancel your dreams, but throwing money away adds insult to injury. Some backpackers travel insurance policies do not provide cover in this situation, so read the small print carefully

Lost or Stolen Luggage Insurance:

Whilst most backpackers prefer to travel light, losing luggage is exceptionally inconvenient and costly, especially if you have an expensive iPod, camera and notebook. Make sure that your backpacker insurance policy provides cover for this; some policies even wire you money quickly, so that you can buy replacement clothes.

For expensive electrical items, most backpacker travel insurance policies ask you to fill out an inventory and pay a little extra for each item, insuring against breakage, theft and loss, usually with a small excess charge. One little tip is to see if your existing home insurance covers personal effects whilst you are in Greece; if this is the case, you may be able to use this as a bargaining chip to ask for a discount on your backpackers travel insurance.

Enjoy Swimming Without worrying About Medical InsuranceTravel Insurance Deals and Lost Cash:

Some backpacker insurance policies will provide cover for lost cash, up to a certain amount, but usually with an excess and with an upper limit. In Greece, as with anywhere, try not to carry more than a couple of day’s cash. Traveler’s cheques are a good backup, but they can be difficult to cash in some locations, so it is best to have a bank-card that will allow you access to funds from any Greek bank. Visa and Maestro are accepted at Greek ATMs and you should check with your own bank before leaving. Personally, whenever travelling, I carried a debit card, with a credit card for back-up in case of emergencies.

Credit Card International Insurance:

I rarely used a credit card, but they can be a good idea for buying plane tickets and for booking the first few days hotel stay, because many offer their own free international insurance in case of cancellation. If you have such a credit card, buy your tickets with it and then immediately pay off the balance, to avoid interest payments.

Auto-Hire Insurance Greece:

If you think that you may be hiring a car during a trip, look into some of the options available through your travel insurance. Many Greek auto-hire companies offer only third-party insurance, so it may be possible to buy fully comprehensive auto insurance through your backpacker travel insurance.

Buying Discount Holiday Insurance Online:

The internet is certainly one way of saving money and is full of good, competitive offers for buying international insurance online. However, you should ensure that your backpacker insurance cover is with a reputable and well-known agent or is underwritten by a large provider. In addition, you should avoid buying travel insurance bundled together with your plane tickets; it is usually more expensive and may not cover you if the airline goes bankrupt.

Buying Backpacking Travel Insurance in Advance:

This only scratches the surface of looking for good backpacker insurance cover and you should begin searching for a provider long before you purchase your travel tickets, giving you plenty of time to shop around and find the deal that is best for you. Most international insurance providers offer a special package for backpackers, especially those who aim to stay in Greece for a long period, so you should be able to find the best backpackers travel insurance to ensure that your time in Greece is carefree and relaxing.

Of course, I hope that you never need to use your backpacker travel insurance and that you will be one of the many millions of tourists who enjoy a break in this wonderful country without mishap. Ensuring that you are covered for the worst, whilst you soak up the Greek sun and swim in the clear, deep-blue Aegean, will afford you peace of mind. Having the best backpacker travel insurance will allow you to holiday in Greece without worrying about what may go wrong. Live for the moment!



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