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Investment Property Abroad – Buy Luxury Property in Sparta, Greece? |

Investment Property Abroad – Buy Luxury Property in Sparta, Greece

Sparta is an up and coming location for those interested property investment abroad, offering the chance to invest in a rapidly growing, unsaturated market. The reputation of this corner of the Peloponnese is growing and the town is on the radar of property developers and realtors seeking a luxury property investment in Greece.

Sparta, nowadays called Sparti, is a laid-back town in the agricultural heartland of Lakonia, blending the traditional Greek culture with modernity. Whether you are interested in enjoying the relaxed Greek lifestyle, or you are looking for luxury properties to add to your portfolio, Sparti possesses a multitude of options.

The Wide Boulevards of Sparti - Great Investment Property Abroad Potential

Buying Investment Property Abroad – What Does Sparti Have To Offer?

This agricultural town, of about 25 000 people, has long been a market town serving the Lakonia region of the Peloponnese. The last decade saw a rapid expansion and modernization programme, which has vastly improved the infrastructure of the area and opened this corner of the Peloponnese for development and buying Greek luxury property.

The town is surrounded by olive groves, standing as silent sentinels around the town, and the sympathetic farming techniques ensure that the valley is filled with abundant wildlife. For nature lovers, the Evrotas valley is a veritable paradise, with songbirds, tortoises and wild mammals adding to the charm of the area.

The town is clean and its wide, orange tree-lined boulevards are heady with the scent of orange blossom, mingled with the light fragrance of summer Jasmine. The town’s many squares provide an abundance of space and, in the long summer evenings, the tavernas spill out as the local Greeks enjoy the essence of Greek culture; good food, fine wine and deep conversation, in the company of friends. The low crime rate ensures that the town is safe for families to blend into the unique Greek lifestyle.

The open spaces of Sparta make living here a pleasure

The Historical and Natural Wonders of Sparti

It is impossible to mention Sparti without studying the ancient history of the town, famous as the home of the brave 300 and the hardened Spartan warriors. The ruins of the ancient city still loom over the town, as the ghosts of warriors past watch over their proud descendants.

The modern town was built in 1834, on the orders of King Otto, who wanted to capture past glories and rival the traditional enemies of Ancient Sparta, the Athenians. Fortunately, he did not completely succeed and the town retained its unique flavour, a world away from the urban sprawl and smog of the capital city. The town was laid out as a grid, with wide streets and plenty of squares, avoiding the claustrophobic feel of many other Greek towns.

The unique history of Mystra makes this a prime location for buying investment property abroad

Just outside the town lies the site of Byzantine Mystra, a UNESCO world heritage site. Mystra is a wonderful place to spend a day lazily wandering amongst the flower-clad tumbling ruins, before enjoying a fine traditional Greek meal and Ouzo, whilst the gentle sun sets behind the flanks of mighty Taygetos.

The town lies in the verdant and green Evrotas valley, embraced by the gentle Parnonas Mountains and the towering and imposing Taygetos range. The Taygetos is a unique ecosystem, with flora and fauna endemic to the region, and offers the opportunity for challenging hikes amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe.

The Amenities of Sparti – The Greek Life

Sparti is well served by transport links, offering easy access to Gythio, the port of ancient Sparta, now a relaxed seaside resort boasting some of the finest seafood restaurants in Greece. There is a good road to Tripoli and, from there, the new toll road runs straight into the heart of Athens, about 3 – 4 hours away. Public transport is also excellent and frequent buses north to Athens, and south to Gythio and beautiful Monemvasia.

Sparti possesses a multitude of shops, from major chain retailers and supermarkets to family run stores, and corporatism has not yet spread its tendrils through the area. As a tourist destination, Sparti has hotels and a huge variety of restaurants and tavernas, serving everything from the delightful local cuisine to pizza.

Sparta is undergoing rapid development and the property market is thriving

Property Investment in Greece

The area is well served with healthcare and the local hospital provides excellent care for most normal medical procedures. Dentists and opticians are abundant, ensuring that you rarely have to leave the area for treatment.

Finally, Sparta has numerous primary and secondary schools, as well as the University of the Peloponnese and a renowned music school, linked to the London College of Music

Investment Property or a Luxury Holiday Home

Whether you are seeking to buy investment property abroad for a quick return, or look for a wonderful summer retreat, Sparti fits the bill. The market for luxury property in the town is far from saturated and the Spartans are finally realising that their old stone houses are a goldmine for realtors and developers seeking to investment property abroad.

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