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Google World News: News Around the World by Google: World-wide News |

Google World News: News Around the World by Google: World-wide News

Google World News

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Google World News
is not as easy to get to as you might think. If you live in the US then Google News will default to Google News US and you will find it difficult to access the latest world news stories as reported by reporters within other countries. This makes it difficult for expats or news-hounds to follow news as reported by local Google News sites.

If you live in a country other than the US then you will receive localized Google News, as reported from your local country. This again makes life difficult for expats and local country news-hounds to obtain those news items that are reported by Google News of another country.

But help is at hand. Where? Here!

Your Local Google News

Google World News US (Default)

Google World News search page by default for the US in English

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Google gives you your local news when you type in

It does this by geolocation. You cannot use “/ncr” (no country relocation) to stop the geolocation for Google News. So, if you are in the US you will get US news and any world-wide news that Google News US deems to be of interest to you.

If you are outside of the US, the geolocation will take you to Google News for the country in which you reside, and International news, again in which Google deems you to be interested. And this will be reported by your local news reporters and commentators, with their bias.

All well and good you say!

But what if you want to see news as reported by reporters local to that news? For instance, Japanese reports about a Japanese earthquake or tsunami by Japanese reporters.

How can you do that?

Google World News From Reporters Local To That News

If you reside outside of the US this is a simple task, or at least it is possible from your localized Google News search page. Just enter and you will see that you have been redirected to your local Google News.

Slow day at our country's largest news outlet!
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Now, to get to specific Google Country News sites (such as Google News UK) you can do the following:

On the left hand side you will see a drop-down search box that has the name of the localized country for which you are receiving Google News. If you click on the down-arrow you will obtain a list of countries, as follows:

Argentina, Australia, Belgie (Belgium in Dutch), Belgique (Belgium in French), Botswana, Brasil, Canada English, Canada Francaise, Česká republika (Czech Republic), Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Deutschland (Germany), España (Spain), Estados Unidos (US in Spanish), Ethiopia, France, Ghana, India, Ireland, Israel English, Italia (Italy), Kenya, Magyarország (Hungary), Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, Nederlands (Netherlands), New Zealand, Nigeria, Norge (Norway), Österreich (Austria), Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Polska (Poland), Portugal, Schweiz (Switzerland in German), Senegal, Singapore, South Africa, Suisse (Switzerland in French), Sverige (Sweden), Tanzania, Türkiye (Turkey), UK, US, Uganda, Venezuela, Việt Nam (Viet Nam), Zimbabwe, Greece (in Greek), Russia (in Russian), Ukraine (in Ukrainian), Ukraine (in Russian), Israel (in Hebrew), UAE (in Arabic), KSA (in Arabic), Arabic, Lebanon (in Arabic), Egypt (in Arabic), India (in Hindi), India (in Tamil), India (in Malayalam), India (in Telugu), Korea (in Korean), China (in Chinese), Taiwan (in Taiwanese), Japan (in Japanese) and Hong Kong (in Chinese).

Just click on the country you want, in the language that you want, and lo and behold you have all Google World News, as reported by local reporters, that relates to that country.

But what if it is in a language I do not understand or that is in a font that is not supported by my computer?

Use Google Chrome and you will be given the opportunity to use Google translate to get a rough translation of the page.

I reside in the US. How do I get to these Google World News pages?

It is just as easy, but you have to use a different method, as follows:

  • Go to where the URL is entered at the top of your browser.
  • I suggest you use Google Chrome if you want foreign languages translated.
  • Now type in “ “ (without the quote marks).
  • Not finished yet, you will need to add one of the following character sets (country codes and language codes [if non-English]) in quotes “” below, to get to the appropriate country for your Google World News page:

Arabic = “ar_me”, Argentina = “es_ar”, Australia = “au”, Austria = “de_at”, Belgium (in Dutch = “nl_be”, in French = “fr_be”), Botswana = “en-bw”, Brasil = “pt-BR_br”, Canada (in English = “ca”, in French = “fr_ca”), China = “cn”, Czech Republic = “cs_cz”, Chile “es_cl”, Colombia = “es_co”, Cuba = “es_cu”, Egypt = “ar_eg”, Estados Unidos = “es_US“, Ethiopia = “en_et”, France = “fr”, Germany = “de”, Ghana = “en_gh”, Greece = “el_gr”, Hong Kong = “hk”, Hungary = “hu_hu”, India (in English = “in”, in Hindi = “hi_in”, in Tamil = “ta_in”, in Malayalam = “ml_in”, in Telugu = “te_in”), Ireland = “en_ie”, Hot News
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Israel (in English = “en_il”, in Hebrew = “iw_il”), Italy = “it”, Japan = “jp”, Kenya = “en_ke”, Korea = “kr”, KSA = “ar_sa”, Lebanon = “ar_lb”, Malaysia = “en_my”, Mexico = “es_mx”, Namibia = “en_na”, Netherlands = “nl_nl”, New Zealand = “nz”, Nigeria = “en_ng”, Norway = “no_no”, Pakistan = “en_pk”, Peru = “es_pe”, Philippines = “en_ph”, Poland = “pl_pl”, Portugal = “pt-PT_pt”, Russia = “ru_ru”, “Senegal = “fr_sn”, Singapore = “en_sg”, South Africa = “en_za”, Spain = “es”, Sweden = “sv_se”, Switzerland (in German = “de_ch”, in French = “fr_ch”), Taiwan = “tw”, Tanzania = “en_tz”, Turkey = “tr_tr”, UAE = “ar_ae”, Uganda = “en_ug”, UK = “uk”, Ukraine (in Russian = “ru_ua “, in Ukrainian = “uk_ua”), US = “us”, Venezuela = “es_ve”, Viet Nam = “vi_vn”, and Zimbabwe = “en_zw”.

For example, to get to local Google News Philippines the URL is:

You can use this method even if you are not geolocated in the United States.

You should now be able to access Google World News for any Google supported news region.

Now go read Google World News from around the world!

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