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Website And Blog Promotion - Effective Ways To Promote Your Blogs And Sites - |

Website And Blog Promotion – Effective Ways To Promote Your Blogs And Sites

Website and blog promotion plays a crucial role, infact it is a major factor deciding whether you will make money online or not.  It is rightly said that to make money blogging, it is 10% writing and 90% promoting. Promoting a blog is not a difficult endeavor but it does take a lot of hardwork and patience. So if you’re determined and willing to put efforts then let’s look at some of the ways to promote blog and your website.

Effective Ways To Promote Blog And Websites:

  • Backlinks:

    The importance of backlinks cannot be denied. It not only increases traffic to your blog but also helps in SERPs and will also help your blog gain authority status. I recommend you read “Backlinking And Adsense Sharing Backlinking Sites” which highlights the importance of backlinking and also list some revenue sharing and bookmarking sites where you also stand a chance to earn from your bookmarks.

  • Article Marketing:

    The importance of article submission cannot be understated. It is a powerful advertising tool and have assumed tremendous importance. The articles submitted to article directories are read by hundreds if not thousands of people which can really boost your traffic and not to mention the one way link you get when someone links to your article.

  • Guest Posting:

    Writing guest posts on popular blogs is a good way to get backlinks and traffic. Put in extra effort in writing your guest post and effectively showcase your qualities. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog. Guest posting is a win-win situation for everyone involved and you can always invite other bloggers to write on your blog.

  • Submit To RSS Feed Directories:

    The importance of RSS feed cannot be undermined. It is a way of distributing your article title or headlines, updates and new content to selected group of sites or people. It is one of the easiest way to get traffic and backlinks. Read this article by Sunforged to get a comprehensive list of RSS feed directories.

  • Submit To Blog Directories:

    Blog directories are a perfect way to make your blog visible all over the net. Blog directories allow you to submit URL of your blog with small description. These URL permanently stay on their site for other users to find. Many blog directories are paid but there are plenty free ones as well. Just do a google search on free blog directories.

  • Submit To Social Media:

    Role of social media in building traffic cannot be denied. Social media like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and Twitter can help you generate a lot of traffic. Though traffic from social media might not convert very well, but if you have just started it can give you a much needed exposure.

  • Email Signatures:

    You should promote your blog at every opportunity you get. So for every outgoing mail, don’t forget to include the URL of your blog in your signature. Also make sure, you link your recent post rather than the home page.

  • Comment On Other Related Blogs And Forums:

    Comment on other blogs and forums related to your niche. Comment intelligently and sneak your relevant blog URL in it. Don’t spam. The same holds true while posting in forums. Drop links only of those posts which are related to the topic of the forum.



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