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Facebook Planking

Planking in the name of the strange phenomenon which has swept the globe, and which has tragically resulted in the untimely death of a young Australian man. The unnamed


man had tried to plank on a balcony and fell to his death. Perhaps this will put an end to the whole idea of planking which went viral after a Facebook page was posted, to which people could send their planking photographs.

Planking is laying face down, arms rigid at your sides and fingers pointed to maintain the flow, and legs straight out with toes pointed.

The whole point of a plank is for a friend with you to take your photograph and post it to any social media, but generally just Facebook, where it is really important that your photograph is aptly titled to identify it among the thousands of others that are also posted.

I suppose it is quite funny to see someone stretched out in this position on a walkway. Certainly the looks on the faces of passersby is worth photographing.

Youngsters have been trying to outdo each other, taking photos of their friends planking in all sorts of weird and wonderful positions, sometimes even on rooftops, or tree branches, or even on top of camels.

In order to obtain even weirder photos, some of the stunts these youngsters pull are highly dangerous but sadly it has taken a life to be lost for them to realise just how easy it is for them to lose their lives, which is crazy over something as minor, really, as an internet craze.

Planking is also known in other parts of the world as ‘Facedown’ and the internet craze started late 2010 and quickly went viral.

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