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The Black Queen of England - |

The Black Queen of England

Queen Elizabeth II of England is Black

Finally it has been revealed! A secret kept for 85 years is out. Queen Elizabeth II is black and her color has been kept carefully hidden from public view since her birth in 1926. A throwback, history tells us that her great, great, great grandmother was also black, being of African origin. Queen Charlotte was notoriously ugly according to historians. A direct descendant of the Portugese branch of a European Royal family, Queen Charlotte’s lineage can be directly connected to Margarita de Castro y Sousa who, I take it, was

Black Queen Elizabeth II


When the Princess Elizabeth was born, according to lineage, she was not expected to become queen. Her birth had been difficult, in fact she was born by Caesarian Section, at home in her grandfather’s house. When you are Royalty you can do that – they can bring a whole hospital to you instead of the other way round. There are suspicions too that her younger sister Margaret may also have been black but as she is dead now, there is no point in raking up old ashes, as they say.

While never expected to become queen, from a very young age Elizabeth was never seen in public without whitening make-up, specially designed by the top stage artists of the day.

It was therefore quite a shock when her uncle, Edward, abdicated in favour of a divorcee, Wallis Simpson. A young man, it should have been Edward’s direct descendants who became the future Kings and Queens of England. The crown passed instead to Elizabeth’s father, Prince Albert, who was crowned King George II (that must have been confusing for his family – a complete name change!).

And so it came to pass that on his death, the crown passed to young Elizabeth, who at the time of her father’s death was only 25 when she became Queen. That poor woman has had to wear make-up to look white the whole of her long life. Read more about it here: Queen Elizabeth II is Black.

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