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Ipad 2 Cases That Work With Smart Cover |

Ipad 2 Cases That Work With Smart Cover

Just recently I bought an Apple Smart Cover for my Ipad 2 and honestly I really liked it.  I mean the cover really looks smart, and is incredibly slim and light.  It fits the Ipad 2 perfectly well.  I liked the smart cover more with each passing week.

The magnets in the smart cover and the iPad 2 work perfectly and the smart cover automatically lock and unlock the Ipad as it is placed on or taken off.  It really is a cool feature.  The smart cover is really smart but and it is a big BUT, the Apple smart cover is only a cover.  The smart cover does not protect your Ipad from the sides or back.  So if your Ipad have a severe drop, it could turn into a disaster.  So a case that will protect your precious device becomes necessary.  But you will find that most of the cases don’t work properly with smart cover.  This can be a problem if you want to keep the Apple Smart cover as well.

But don’t worry there are a few good Ipad cases that perfectly works with smart cover.  Have a look.

Here’s a list of Ipad 2 Cases Compatible With Smart Cover:

Smart Cover Partner Snap On Slim-Fit Case for Apple iPad 2:

This snap on slim fit case should be your first choice.  I use it and highly recommend it.  It is designed to work with Smart cover.  It protects what smart cover does not and is an excellent fit.  You can access all the ports and buttons easily.  Since it is lightweight, it does not add much to the weight of Ipad 2.

This product has an average 5 star ratings from consumer at Amazon and at $2.95 it is really worth the price.

Ipad 2 case that works with smart cover - Slim Fit Snap On Case

The Joy Factory SmartFit2 Smart Cover Friendly Ultra-Thin Snap-On Hard Case for iPad 2:

This joyfit smartfit2 case is designed to complement the Apple smart cover.  It is so thin that you will hardly notice it, bit it provides maximum protection.  Since it is custom-made for smart cover, you can easily access all the functions of the Ipad 2 without having to remove the case.  This case comes in two color – Clear and Smoke.

This case is a bit pricey and it has an average customer rating of 3.5.  This product is also eligible for free super saving.

Ipad case that works with smart cover 2 - Joy Factory SmartFit2 case

Marware MicroShell for iPad 2:

If you are looking for protection with multiple options in design than this case is for you.  This shell has a thin, unique and flexible design and it will keep your Ipad 2 protected from scratches.

This Ipad 2 case is perfectly compatible with the smart cover and you can easily access all the ports and function.  This case was previously priced for $34.99 and I would have advised you not to buy it as it would be $5-$7 extra for what it is worth.  But now it is only priced at $21 and is also eligible for free super saver shipping.  Definitely is worth the price.

Ipad case that works with smart cover 3 - Marware MicroShell for iPad 2

There are many more Ipad 2 case that are compatible with smart cover but the three listed here are the best and the most popular among Ipad 2 users.  But if you still want to see more choices or have a particular brand in mind, you can make use of the Amazon module below.



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