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Designing a Real Estate Website with Wordpress - |

Designing a Real Estate Website with WordPress

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Essential Tools for building a fully featured WordPress based Real Estate site



Creating  a Real Estate site using WordPress is not a task that should be taken lightly. The ease of WordPress allows for just about any relatively online savvy person to create websites.

But, that is not always the best idea.

In high value sites such as a Real Estate Listing or Broker site, every detail matters, a very large volume of images, listing information and sales material has to be contained in an easy to navigate and comfortable manner. Every little mistake can be something that drives away huge potential sales and damages client relationships.

So, can anyone make a great Real Estate site using WordPress?

Yes, but the learning curve and necessary advanced functionality might be outside of  the comfort range for your normal Real Estate Professional or Hobbyist Web Designer.

Because, Real Estate sites are in high demand, many designers and companies have responded to the need for WordPress based Real Estate Website templates and functionality and have created some premium tools that may lessen the learning curve for you.

There are many, many options and it can be difficult for one to do their own research as the premium cost allows for the companies to provide commissions to an online sales force that stands to profit from their “recommendations”

Luckily, for you, I can profit from every leading premium option and have no driving need to print falsehoods in order to present one as a more useful option than another. As an experienced WordPress Developer and Real Estate Web Site builder, I prefer to simply highlight the tools I have used and know to be “as described”

Basic WordPress Tools you MUST HAVE to be competitive in the online real estate website niche


WordPress uses Plugins and Themes to quickly customize and change the interface of the CMS and publishing options.

You must have a gallery plugin that allows for easy perusal of listing images

You must have advanced search functionality that allows for search of custom fields such as price, location, # of bedrooms, etc

You must have a mailing list

You must have multiple forms that allows you to segment and secure your leads contact information for your mailing list and other customer relations.

You must have a premium tool to import your MLS listings via IDX, so as to keep your site current, competitive and avoid redundant data entry.

Without the above functionality, your site will NOT be the valuable tool it should be.


With those required functions and concepts in mind, head over to the more detailed tutorial on how to design a wordpress based real estate site




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