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Will Obama's Choice to Kill Osama Lose the Re-election? - |

Will Obama’s Choice to Kill Osama Lose the Re-election?

As the secret mission unfolded and we learned of the successful plan to corner and kill Osama Bin Laden, many of us are left in doubt.  Is he really dead and will Obama’s decision to keep the photos of proof under raps destroy his chances of re-election?  That is a very good question and one sure to unravel many consequences as the days and months pass.  Obama has taken a risk handling the killing of Osama Bin Laden in the way he has chosen.

The Questions;

  • Will many of Obama’s followers turn from him as they secretly want proof?
  • Do these followers find themselves loosing respect for him?
  • Do his followers think he’s wasted valuable time and money on the continued war effort?
  • Was Osama  Bin Laden still a threat or is this a war trophy for Obama?
  • Has Obama turned from his election promises to end the war?
  • Will this war be over before he leaves office?
  • Will Obama’s choice to prohibit the photos from public viewing cause him the re-election or perhaps insure his re-election?

It’s a question that will no doubt be answered soon enough and the outcome may be shocking to some.  Nonetheless the re-election or end of office for this president spells change one way or another.   Our reaction reveals if we are becoming a society that is happy with the images of Osama Bin Laden being vaulted and kept from public eye.  A society that trust in our leader and supports him fully.  It could be the counter, we are mistrusting, want the proof, feel left out and disrespected.  Some may feel an intense need to the same closure with burden of proof as we too look on and witness first hand the end of evil.  How do you think his decision will impact his re-election efforts?

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