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What is Retina Display: iPhone is Not True Retina Display - |

What is Retina Display: iPhone is Not True Retina Display

Retina Display and the iPhone

One of the biggest changes to the new iPhone involves an incredible leap in screen resolution and clarity. This super-sharp resolution is being heralded as ‘Retina Display.”

The concept of Retina Display is not an Apple invention. Retina Display relates to a screen resolution that reaches a point where your eye can no longer physically distinguish an individual pixel.

Even in the highest resolution the most expensive televisions on the market, upon a not so close inspection one could easily make out the individual pixels that make up the image. But the newest iPhone can actually boast a resolution so sharp they can almost claim a true retina display.

According to Jobs, If one holds the new iPhone 4 at about a 12 inches from the eye – it would be impossible to make out an individual pixel, your eye would in fact be incapable of seeing one.

Apparently 300 dots per inch is the mark to aim for, the iPhone 4 can boast a 326 dpi.

What is Retina Display ?

Actually, Retina Display, is in fact, just a Marketing term, one that caught a lot of flack from industry insiders and tech enthusiasts.

Whats next? pundits ask – The cochlear earphones, digital mice, carpal keyboards? …even the math used to claim “retina display” has taken some very public heat from none other than a Stanford PHD, apparently if one would be most specific the true measure of the human eye would fall at 477 dpi if viewing from a foot away.

Does this mean Apple is lying, no, not really, even Saneira (Previously mentioned Stanford PHD) admits that the new Apple display is stunning and sports  a near 180 degree viewing angle in addition to a resolution sharper then most High Gloss magazines!

Apparently, Saneiras public statements were intended to point out the industries nature of over inflating technical capabilities in displays which he feels is leading to false standards.

It may not be a scientific “retina display” but it is twice as sharp as your iPhone 3gS and can be viewed in near any angle with very sharp fonts and moving images.

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