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Illuminati Club - a very strange dream - |

Illuminati Club – a very strange dream

Founder of the Illuminati
Adam Weishaupt founder of the Order of the Illuminati


Meeting the Illuminati

Everyone has heard of the Illuminati these days. They are said by conspiracy theorists like David Icke, to be the secret society that runs the world from behind the scenes, and are a very sinister and mysterious organisation. The Illuminati are the “Hidden Hand.”

They were originally founded by Adam Weishaupt as the Bavarian Illuminati on 1 May, 1776. However, today the term Illuminati has come to stand for the top secret society of men who are said to be planning to bring in the New World Order with a one-world government, one-world army, cashless and micro-chipped population that is monitored and electronically controlled by a central computer. Before doing all this they plan on wiping out a large proportion of the population in a mass human cull. The Illuminati are portrayed as very evil men, and according to David Icke and other conspiracy theorists, they are themselves said to be controlled by alien Reptilians.

The Illuminati are not the sort of people you would expect to meet in your dreams but last night I did!

Illuminati Club

My strange dream started with someone advising me to go to the Illuminati Club. When I say someone I mean that I couldn’t see them and am not able to say who this was. This is quite normal in my dreams. I often have no body myself and often hear disembodied voices. Lots of the people I can see and interact with are not ones I know in my waking life.

No preparation was needed for me to get to the Illuminati Club. I simply went up some steps and through the doors. Nobody challenged my entry and I didn’t have to show I was a member, sign in or anything like that.

Considering how powerful and wealthy the Illuminati are said to be there was nothing special about the interior of the club. It reminded me of a British working man’s club and had a long bar and tables and chairs where groups of men were sitting, drinking and chatting.

It appeared that you had to have a very dark blue or black blazer on though to be a member. The blazers all had gold or silver buttons. That was a sign of wealth there.

It was in my mind to try and make a good impression on anyone I met and to seek help in becoming a world success with my music. Unfortunately I was feeling too self-conscious and shy and instead of saying hello to any of the Illuminati Club members I wandered around looking about hoping it would look as if I was looking for someone in particular.

I made my way back out but noticed a large plate of small cakes or cookies with cherries in them. They looked as if they were for you to help yourself but I felt that seeing as I wasn’t a proper member I might get into trouble so I walked by and went back out. I was feeling disappointed that I had messed up on my chances.

 Returning to the Illuminati Club

I met with my invisible friend again and told him how it had gone. I explained that I had felt too out of place and shy to make any contact with any of the Illuminati, and that I was feeling very disappointed. I was pleased though that I had been allowed in without any problems.

My friend tried to cheer me up and said all was not lost. He explained that now that I had been there and walked all around the club that all the members were sure to have noticed me. If I went back they would remember me. To cut through the ice and start a conversation, my friend suggested that I take some meaty jelly cat food that appeared, and that I could go to the bar and say I had brought the food because I thought the Illuminati Club’s pet would like it.

It seemed a great plan to enable me to make my return to the Illuminati Club. I was wondering how I would get home though – my home would have been in Ely so this was set at least seven years ago- and it now seems a very stupid thing to have been thinking about considering the circumstances I was in and the fantastic opportunity I had ahead of me.

But such is the weird logic in dreams that I wasn’t thinking like I am in my waking life and I voiced my worry to my friend. He said he could give me a lift from outside the club to as far as where Llandaff Road joins Cowbridge Road in Cardiff. I thanked him for the offer and said I would gladly accept. At that point I woke up and because this had been such a bizarre dream I got a pen and paper and scribbled down what I could remember.

Dream experts please feel free to analyse mine!

Copyright © 2013 Steve Andrews. All Rights Reserved.

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