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How To Write An Article - 10 Steps To Writing An Effective Blog Post - |

How To Write An Article – 10 Steps To Writing An Effective Blog Post

Without a doubt, content is the king and it is the content that would make your readers to come back for more.  So, it is important that you know the basics of “How to write an article”.  Extra care should be taken while drafting your posts, so they are perfect and upto the mark.  The following guidelines would help you in writing an effective blog post.

10 Steps To Writing An Effective Blog Post:

  • Catchy Headline:

    Internet is very fast paced and internet users hop through one web page to another at the speed of sound.  So unless something attracts their attention, they won’t bother to read it.  So give a catchy headline for your blog post as it will attract visitors in reading your post.

  • Keyword Rich Content:

    Make sure you throughly do your keyword research before writing a blog post.  Your content should be keyword rich so that visitors can find you and you also stand a chance to earn.  Also, take care to see that you don’t stuff keywords.  The post should seem natural and readable to human eye.

  • Include Bullet Point Lists:

    We all like lists.  Lists breaks down the information and it becomes easier for the visitor to digest.  Make sure you convey information in bullet point lists wherever possible.

  • Be Consistent With Your Style:

    This is really very important.  Establish yourself as an expert in one area and keep building on that.  Once you’re established, it is more likely that a visitor will only read your blog or approach you if he has any query regarding that topic.  Don’t try too many things and if you planning to explore different niches, start a separate blog for that.

  • Post Should Be Concise And To The Point:

    Your post should be neither too long or neither too short.  Try to convey maximum information with minimum possible words.  Though this advice is applicable only to newbie bloggers who have just started blogging.  Once you have build your reputation online, the post can be of any length as people would be interested in reading what you have to say.

  • Hook Your Readers:

    Craft first few sentences of your post in such a way that it instantly hook your readers to your blog.  The start should be engaging and should compel the reader to read the entire post.

  • Plan Your Posts:

    It is almost imperative for a blogger to plan his post.  Nothing is more rewarding than publishing your post at the right time.  Plan ahead of time and keep posting on a regular basis.

  • Converse And Be Ready To Learn:

    Never consider yourself as an absolute authority on any topic.  Get into conversation with your readers and be open to their suggestions.  Always debate with a open mind and be willing to learn.  And If by any chance you’re wrong, don’t hesitate to apologize.

  • Link Between Your Post:

    Interlinking between posts really helps in increasing traffic and makes a visitor stay longer on your blog.  It is really a good practice to interlink all related post.  You can also link out to other blogs related to your niche.  It will help you gain the authority blog status.

  • Edit Your Post:

    Always re-read and proof read your post.  Make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.  Also, if you have any new information you would like to add to the existing post, then don’t hesitate to do so.




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