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How to Get Silky, Soft Skin |

How to Get Silky, Soft Skin







Summer fashions line the racks as store fronts stock skimpy warm weather styles beckoning our names.  New pieces hit the fashion magazines as they announce the hottest trends the summer line has to offer.   It’s all very tempting as the sun shines bright and summer evokes great thoughts of pleasurable moments.

This is both exciting and yet devastating as we realize our skin is less than desirable.  The proper skin care can end this worry and give you awesome skin giving your entire body an amazing glow.

Regardless your size, shape or body type, your skin is the most significant indicator of true beauty. Is your skin at it’s best?

  • During the winter months dead skin accumulates creating a sluggish complexion.
  • The natural life cycle of skin leaves the body with a barrier of dry and dead skin.
  • Eliminate this unattractive barrier by ex-foliating on a regular basis.

The proper removal (ex-foliation) of dead skin stimulates the flow of blood and lymph which produces healthy new skin cell growth.  There are many methods you can put to work today insuring you get the most silky, soft skin possible.

Note: Allowing dead skin to accumulate is a bad habit leaving your skin with signs of a sluggish complexion. The starving skin becomes unattractive as the skin held hostage beneath does not get the proper moisture and nutrients needed. This results in a bad complexion which may include, dry skin or patches, discoloration, break outs and fine lines, just to name a few.

Removing the dead skin allows the new budding skin ample supplies of light rich in vitamin D, nutrient rich fresh air, moisture and cleanliness.  The best skin care regimen includes regular exfoliation and cleansing.

Regardless of your desires; preparation for swim suit season or you just want soft touchable skin every day, you must ex-foliate from head to toe.  There’s not a moisturizer in the world that can do as promised with a barrier of dead skin to block it.

What you will need;

  • Body brush, Ex-foliation Gloves or Loofah
  • Pumice stone
  • Body moisturizer or oil

The Methods

  • Dry ex-foliate your skin with a brush, using a loofah or exfoliation gloves to remove the dead skin away as if removing a crusty spot from your clothing. Gently brush over your skin in gentle circular motions. Remember to work your way over your entire body, from head to toe or visa versa, the order does not matter.  This is great to do alone or before showing to rough up the dead skin for removal.
  • Step into the shower soaking your body entirely. A shower seat is a great addition to any shower making for an easier skin care regimen as you can set while using a pumice stone on your feet, plus moisturize first allowing for ample soaking and drying time of those trouble and dry feet.
  • For difficult trouble areas such as your feet or elbows, soak them in warm water with a cup of milk for a half hour before showering.
  • Once in the shower and wet, apply the ex-foliating cleanser to the exfoliation gloves or loofah sponge and begin gently scrubbing your entire body in circular motion. Don’t forget your hands, they need ex-foliation too.
  • Use a long ex-foliating brush to get your upper and lower back, taking your time to pamper yourself.
  • Rinse all the soap and dead skin off your body with luke warm water, hot water is hard on your skin.  Start the habit of showering in luke warm water, it’s better for your skin.
  • Just before you leave the shower, while your pores are open, apply a moisturizer or oil all over your body starting with your feet.   This allows for deep penetration of this trouble area, plus it prevents slipping.
  • Once you’re done allow a moment for the moisturizer to penetrate and soak into the skin before stepping out of the shower. Gently pat dry with a clean towel or wrap up in a clean terry robe, my preference as this allows intense moisturizer.
  • Using body lotions and a facial moisturizer containing alpha or beta hydroxyl acids are ideal choices because these acids continue to remove dead skin cells.

Start a fresh new habit today and enjoy your drop dead amazing skin!




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