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Hire an Article Writer for Websites and Blogs |

Hire an Article Writer for Websites and Blogs

Hiring a Professional Article Writer Really Can Make a Difference

As the internet age matures and the virtual world becomes the place for exchanging ideas, selling products, and building awareness, information is becoming a valuable commodity. Good information carries intrinsic value, and high quality content is the lifeblood of this online marketplace.

Sadly, many businesses are missing out and failing to tap into this rich seam of potential. They understand that producing content is important, but try to do it themselves or scrape the bottom of the barrel and hire cheap article writers to churn out content at a frightening rate. They sit back and wait for the traffic to roll in, expecting there to be a stampede of customers, feverishly clamoring for their products and services.

In the vast majority of cases, this simply does not happen: as search engines increasingly look for quality content, flooding the internet with shoddy articles and spammy blog posts will not work. By failing to hire an article writer with skill and experience, they might as well have thrown their hard-earned dollars into the nearest furnace.

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Racing to the Bottom: Why Cheap Article Writers Waste Time and Money

In the bad old days, online marketing meant going for quantity over quality, throwing hundreds of articles far and wide. The idea was that including large volumes of SEO optimized content on your website would give the search engines something to chew on. This used to work, but any marketer still pursuing this tired philosophy will fail; Google and Bing prefer quality, as the recent Google Panda Algorithm change showed. Despite this, businesses still infest the freelance writing sites, trying to hire an article writer for a dollar per article. Here is what they will find for that rate:

  • Terrible English: Paying sweatshop rates will find you a writer with a limited grasp of English, one who does not understand the nuances and hidden layers of the language. If you use articles and blog posts that are dry and insipid, or littered with elementary mistakes, you are not going to attract clients with such a blatant display of unprofessionalism. Poorly written articles don’t exactly inspire confidence in your products.
  • Copied Articles: Like many writers, I seem to spend a large proportion of my time chasing content thieves, parasites who specialize in profiting from the hard work of others. When I find them, I file complaints with website hosts and Google, demanding that the perpetrator takes down the content.  In a healthy proportion of cases, the website owner claimed that they bought the articles, in good faith, from a writer on one of the freelance sites. Sadly, that is all too common when you pay slave wages – instead of a writer, you end up hiring a copy/paster.
  • Spun Content: Content put through an article spinner is almost as bad as copied content. This software takes another article and attempts to rewrite it, changing a few words and producing barely readable content. The search engines are starting to filter out this rubbish, and your site will sink without trace. Added to this is the damage to your image that such poorly written content can cause.
  • No Voice: A skilled article writer is an actor, with the ability to adopt different voices and styles to suit different audiences and bring your blog posts and articles to life. An enthusiast amateur rarely has this ability, and they will produce insipid, flat content with no life or flow.

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Hire a Professional Article writer to Create a Winning Impression

Hiring a talented article writer to draft high quality articles and blog posts gives your site a professional image, adding a touch of quality and class. An experienced freelance writer can shape language, producing compelling content that draws people in and stops them bouncing away from your site. Your articles are the public face of your organization, creating the all-important fist impression.

Comparing it to the offline world, imagine opening a shop and employing staff with no knowledge of the products and a poor attitude. Customers will soon shop elsewhere, and it is no different in the online universe. Your articles represent your organization and bland content or poor grammar will drive people away.

Article Writing – A Case Study

A few years ago, a client contacted me and asked me to write for his new science site, He wanted well-researched, high quality articles designed to attract organic links. Three years later, the site is thriving and attracting thousands of hits every day, simply because the site owner had the foresight to see that quality wins in the long term.

An experienced article and blog writer, with knowledge of on-page Search Engine Optimization techniques, can deliver articles that command attention and help to build customer loyalty, helping you to leave the competition trailing a long way behind.

Think Big – Hire an Article Writer

If you want a passionate article writer with a proven track record, please feel free to contact me and discuss the best way forward.



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