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Give Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets |

Give Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Gourmet coffee gift basketBeing a coffee lover myself, I can tell you that there is never a day in my life that I wouldn’t appreciate coffee as a gift. That being said, this article is totally slanted toward gifts for coffee lovers. For those of you who don’t understand my love of coffee, this article is to help you find gifts for the coffee lovers in your life.

When it comes to coffee gifts there are so many choices. The gifts in this article are all for under $150.00, some as low as $20.00 so they are perfect for your neighbor, your co-worker or your boss, and can be considered for corporate gifts as well. The basket above is from Rogers Gourmet Coffee & Tea Market. It is the Organic Coffee & Tea Basket with Handpainted Mug, This basket is loaded with both coffee and tea, and has a beautiful mug. It retails for $49.99. As you can imagine, Rogers has many other combinations of coffee and tea baskets, and some of them are marked kosher. So if that is a consideration for you, Rogers is a great place to look for gifts.

Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee on Amazon

Amazon is not really known for its food offerings, but many gourmet food companies list their gourmet coffee gifts on Amazon.

If you know what kind of coffee your gift recipient likes, you can just buy them a bag of whole bean coffee. Most coffee lovers grind their own coffee, and if they don’t they can take it to most grocery stores to have it ground for free. Whole bean coffee is so much better than ground, and it stays fresher longer.

To the right are some samples of great whole bean coffee found on Amazon.

Choosing a Coffee Gift Basket

When choosing a coffee gift basket for someone who you don’t know well, for a client or corporate gift, or possibly for an acquaintance, it is best to choose a gift basket with an array of coffee choices. Some gift baskets come with flavored coffees, and some without. For someone you don’t know, I recommend a basket without flavored coffees. It is much easier to add flavoring to coffee than to take it out, and some coffee purists do not like flavored coffee.

If you are going to purchase flavored coffees, the most popular are vanilla, cinnamon, and hazelnut flavors. The gift baskets displayed to the left only touch the surface of what is on Amazon’s website. Each of the six baskets I have chosen are from a different gourmet basket company. As you can see prices on these baskets range from $30.00 to $129.00, and you can get free shipping from Amazon for most of them.

One great thing about shipping gift baskets is that most companies will allow you to choose the date the items ship, so you can order everything ahead of time, and have it ship on the date you choose.

Coffee Accessories

Another option as a gift for coffee lovers is to buy them coffee accessories.  Unless they have replaced their coffee pot in the last couple of years, most coffee drinkers hold onto their old coffee pots way too long.  Or you could choose to purchase a coffee pot meant for entertaining.

Each coffee drinker is different.  I know that I am partial to drinking coffee out of ceramic mugs at home, but when I am driving around or at my office, I drink my coffee from tall lidded thermal cups.  I tend to wear through my travel mugs, but my favorite ceramic mugs at home last for a long time.  If you are buying a travel mug for a coffee drinker, stay away from the plastic mugs, because they wear out very fast.  I tend to break those within a few weeks of getting a new one.

A Finishing Touch

Combining a coffee gift with a food gift is also a good idea, and the best food gift to add to coffee is cookies, especially biscotti. If you are looking for a corporate gift for Christmas, the best biscotti package is come from Edible Gifts Plus which you can buy from Amazon. Here are a couple of samples of their great gifts.

They also do several other kind of custom cookies, and loads of gift items. You can follow the links from this article to see many more of their products.

Corporate Logo Biscotti

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