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Showing Off What Your Xobba Publishing Platform Account is capable of - |

Showing Off What Your Xobba Publishing Platform Account is capable of



Thank you all for contributing to the Xobba platform. I’m very happy to be able to work with such a talented and diverse collection of Authors, Marketers, Webmasters and all around Geniuses.

This publishing platform has been carefully engineered to allow Authors to create beautiful and well formatted content as simply as possible.

I have been working on detailed Welcome Packages for all with video tutorials and explanation of best use and general guidelines. I hope that up to this point all were aware that I would gladly answer any and all questions directly and I welcome them so I can add to the help and FAQ files.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Authors didn’t realize how carefully their backend has been crafted for them and I would like to show off what it is capable of here:


Visual Highlight Tools – Icons in your TinyMCE or Visual Editor






Red Button




Download Button


  A Product Link using “enhanced option”


Ping & the Snirkelly People



A Product Link using the “Image” option set to largest size, See Top of Page, notice that nifty preview box?



A carousel widget – Use Sparingly, But is an attractive addition for larger articles

When an article gets long – why not put in another page to minimize scrolling? using the “nextpage” tag?



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