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First Looks at WordPress 3.2 Default Theme aka Twenty Eleven - |

First Looks at WordPress 3.2 Default Theme aka Twenty Eleven

What can the twenty eleven theme do


WordPress 3.2, released on July 4th last year, astounded techies and bloggers worldwide with its impressive interface and crisp redo of existing elements into a more user-friendly platform delivering optimum functionality for blogging. The release was shipped out showing off a smart new default theme named Twenty Eleven. In this WordPress theme review, we shall delve into the best of what Twenty Eleven has to offer us.


With edition 3.2, WordPress developers have stocked over 400 new added features in the package as well as into the Twenty Eleven WordPress theme. In order to update to 3.2, users are required to upgrade their browsers and meet the minimum requirement of PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5 support on their systems.


Theme reviews are all won over by three major attributes in the all new WP 3.2, namely:


  • The increased customizability on everything ranging from small icons to large icons on the dashboard to randomization of header images, posts, links, widgets in every different page in a blog.
  • Theme, templates, post format and editing choices that make blog management not only a breeze, but simultaneously, entertaining too.
  • Speed and space are two powerful factors on WordPress, which are thrown into light, especially when one is utilizing Twenty Eleven theme. As a matter of the fact, users are provided comparatively more choices and tweaks when using the afore-mentioned WordPress theme instead of other third-party or available themes. So, as we were saying, with load time, enhanced customization becomes even smoother and users can create major changes in formats, page styles, colors and templates in no time at all. Speed also comes into use in the new multi-user option, but we will talk about that later. Ample space is provided by the larger cleaner look of the dashboard with all necessary tools set on the left side bar and headings shortened leaving more space for editing and managing posts. Alternatively, all these tools are located in an overhead admin bar on the front end of main page.


Installation, customization and plug-in functions through the backend of the blog are not the only things affected by the increased speed. Another previously unheard of feature is the multi-user network that allows you to create and host countless users and sub-blogs through your current blog. To do so, all it needs is an email and domain name thrown down the backend of the blog under the users tab. After clicking add user and voila, you have secondary blog! You can manage all user accounts and pages through the super admin tab – piece of cake huh!


While summing it up, we must not forget all the other boosts the 3.2 release brought into WordPress, such as heightened performance, widgets, right-to-left languages support, sticky featured posts and a handful of security updates.


What Twenty Eleven does unlike all other WordPress themes is its templates and compatibility with all plug-ins and icons that can be uploaded and installed online from third party providers. So, in a nutshell, if you wish to experience the best in custom blogging, then 3.2 is the way to go and for better drive onboard that version, we would recommend WordPress Theme Twenty Eleven not only for being neat, but virtually unbreakable too.


Article written by Frank Joonior who likes web-site promotion, android applications, remove malware, different software, pc antivirus and networking



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