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Brass Machine Screws Guide |

Brass Machine Screws Guide

Why Buy Brass Machine Screws Online?

Machine screws are essential components for many applications, from electronics to carpentry, and they are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and types, each suited to a specific task. One common type is the brass machine screw, perfect for decorative features or areas where corrosion is a prime issue, such as electrical components. In this brass machine screws guide, you will learn about these useful industrial fasteners.

Brass machine screws are designed for use with tapped holes, brass screw inserts, or matching nuts, and they are ideal for use in soft of brittle substrates, where a normal screw would find little grip. These screws are available in a range of sizes, from the large screws used to fix door handles to the tiny brass machine screws used in electrical components or spectacles.

Brass Machine ScrewBrass Machine Screw Advantages

Brass machine screws have a number of advantages, making them invaluable to businesses, contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

  • Brass resists rusting, ensuring that bolt and nut do not rust together, making them practically impossible to remove
  • Brass machine screws usually consist of 70% copper and 30% zinc, making them easy to work with; it is easily cut, braised and soldered, making it the perfect choice for electronics components
  • Higher zinc content adds extra strength, and brass machine screws are strong and durable, although they cannot match steel for load bearing capacity
  • Brass machine screws are available in a wide array of shapes and styles, and they are easy to order online.

A good online retailer will offer a huge range of options. Choose from:

  • Slotted, Phillips, Robertson, Hex, Torx, and Tamper Resistant machine screw heads
  • Flat, Rounded, Fillister, Oval, Pan, Button, Cheese, and socket machine screws
  • A range of brass nuts and brass inserts designed to fit perfectly

The retailer will stock a good selection of machine screw sizes, from #0000-160 tiny brass machine screws to larger #8 options, with a range of thread densities and pitches.

The Importance of Quality

Sourcing high quality brass machine screws is crucial, because inferior brass screws will be very soft, and hardened steel screwdrivers can easily strip the head, especially if you use powered screwdrivers.

For larger projects, you can take advantage of the generous bulk discounts offered by many online retailers, harking back to the days when your local ironmonger used to sell screws and fasteners by the pound.



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